Brief 995 ist Brief 994 in Englisch

The Eternal speaks

And am I the voice of the universe

Verily, verily, verily

The lie is the center of the world 

I’m telling to all you

An apple that does not ripen will rot 

And so

Anyone who does not grasp the possibility of maturity 
hanging like a rotten apple on a dead branch! 

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On Tuesday, February 20th, 2024 in Spiegel-Online 
Ten years of protests on the Maidan
Soul and body for freedom                         An essay by Christian Esch, Kiev 
In 2014, our author experienced the massacre on the Maidan. For the demonstrators it was a revolution, for Vladimir Putin it was a coup. One thing is certain: Russia's war against Ukraine began then. Thoughts of an eyewitness. 

But I tell to all you

The author believes his thoughts are secure, but this security is ignorant, and therefore does not come close to knowing about the certainty that walks without lie. Because in his comment the lie is hidden as rot!

Listen and look
The words of Russia's War are the lie, therefore the rot! Because a war involves at least two parties. And this twoparty war certainly and indeed began in 2014 on the Maidan, when armed militias threatened to attack Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, who was in fact pro-Russian. And these militias were certainly not Russian. And if Ukraine denies and rejects responsibility for this coup, then it was certainly and without, a doubt that Western terrorists opened the war against Russia.


There is no national war 

Therefore there is no “Russian War”. There is no “National War” at all! There can only be a war between two parties who are equally responsible! It is important to clarify who really wanted him hoped for it, longed for it, provoked it and who actually opened it. Initiated and controlled by rotten forces in America, Angela Merkel, Guido Westerwelle, Vitali Klitschko and others at the Maiden in 2014 fueled the conflict, for deeply base, materialistic motives, to the point of a coup. Years of massive rearmament followed. Then the Jew Zelenskyj was put at the poker table and instrumentalized. Merkel put her lies in Scholz's rot, and there was war, in a series with Vietnam, Bolivia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Gaza! 

So I testify to you with certainty

What is certain, and without a doubt, is that the West opened a war against Russia on the Maidan in 2014, and did so consciously and deliberately with a coup that violated international law! And whoever claims otherwise, he/she is lying and deceiving not only himself, but the whole! And this lie rot will inevitably catch up with you all!

And further I bear witness to you

Also in the Tagesschau from Tuesday, February 20, 2024, at 8:15 p.m., there was no reference to those armed militias in the report about the uprisings on the Maidan. Today I can still remember the militiaman who announced the impending attack on the presidential palace to the camera on the news. To keep this quiet today is more than just a lie from the supposed do-gooders. It is their multi-thousand-year legacy!

Verily, verily, verily

All the democratic GOOD-PEOPLE
THEY have been the worst fascists ever since

Yes, they are the safe despots and agitate against everything uncomfortable; against Trump, against Putin, against Erdogan, against Orban, against China, against North Korea, against the AfD, against Hamas, against me and against, against, against! YES, they are the worst cancer imaginable, that is, that ugly tumor that thinks that everything belongs to it and therefore has to submit to it! YES, it is the do-gooders who only and forever prepare
and ensure ruin, decline and death!

For thousands of years it has been the supposed good-People who have been constantly building a hellish ghetto on earth and who, to this day, agitate against everything that rebels. I only mention the Crusades, colonization and the Inquisition. The libraries are overflowing with their horrors and misdeeds. And it is precisely the media that dutifully agitate against everything that does not suit their time-spirit. Today they agitate against everything that doesn’t suit them. Anyone can see, if they just think about it a little, that there are forces at work in the background that want to subjugate everything and control it. Possession, Appearance and Coins define Right and Wrong. The one called turning-time is a reflection of their infamous incitement to hatred. They deceive, lie, cheat and abuse the public on an unprecedented scale that their evil spirit threatens the entire planet. The media has surrendered and submitted to them, are corrupt, immature and full of hate. They agitate against the rest of the world in such a way that all other rabies are lost in their shadow. They agitate against anyone who does not unconditionally approve of them. It is they who are unteachable, blind, deaf and opinionated, lost and disoriented, ruthless and belligerent, loud-mouthed and self-important, and yet just stupid and cowardly.

Can a toxic dump judge the most fertile farmland, a cesspool compete with pure spring water, a polluted puddle reflect an ocean, or a dark shadow illuminate the light?

Yes, the supposed Good-People are Evil; the Jews, the Christians and all the other Democrats who don't even know what a person is and therefore don't know how to define them.

I'm telling to all you

Anyone who does not grasp the possibility of maturity 
hanging like a rotten apple on a dead branch! 

Those who do not take it do not deserve the opportunity, nor does the opportunity deserve those who do not take it. If you had grasped the possibility, you would have been sitting at the same table with me for a long time. But in all these years not one of you knocked on my door or joined the AllianceGRAL. Not one!

The following applies to Christian Esch and others like him:

Stupid-cowardly sits, poops and blows from the rotten branch,
and when this one breaks, HE falls into his own pile of shit!


The entire Western political elite, i.e. all the leading figures of the aforementioned Democratic Alliance, they all are is comprehensively and without exception failed and rotted. I therefore call for the necessary resignation of Joe Biden, Benjamin Netanyahu, Volodymyr Selenskyj and Olaf Scholz. This would not only open the path to peace in Ukraine and Gaza, but also make it certain and irreversible. And am I ready to direct all here fate!

My word counts!

And my name is
Gerhard olinczuk treustedt
Lover, Knower, Seer and Comprehensive