Brief 1019 ist Brief 1018 in Englisch

The Eternal speaks

And am I the voice of the universal all-unity


On Friday, April 19, 2023, at 11:53 p.m., I wrote to Bayerischer Rundfunk:

Reference: Saying of the day, from Friday, April 19th, 2024 on video text / board 501

"Love and compassion are the foundation for world peace - at all levels." Dalai Lama

But I tell you


Love is enough! Where there is compassion, there is no love!

And please tell the Dalai Lama


Listen and look

I call on Benjamin Netanyahu and Volodymyr Zelensky to restrain themselves and to immediately and comprehensively suspend all belligerence, all nagging and all agitation, and to silence the weapons!

I call on all accomplices to freeze all further arms deliveries in order to slow down and then stop the madness of war!

I testify to the global collective of all peoples and nations, at the ear of the universal unity:

I am ready to get involved with the leaders of the war and to open, lead and accompany all conversations towards


I invite the Saxony-Anhalt media institution to help shape the space for this!

And my word stands in the boundless heaven and on the timeless earth

And my name is
Gerhard olinczuk treustedt
The Risen, Nameless, Unnamable, Holistic and Indiscriminate
Anti-Semite, Anti-Christ, Anti-capitalist and Anti-fascist 
Lover, Knower, Seer and Comprehensive 
April, 23 2024