Brief 1015 ist Brief 1014 in Englisch

The Eternal speaks

And am I the voice of the universal all-unity


The wording for the month of April 2024 is:

Anyone who gives up their life for others or something else, deserved to die / Manifest / Wording for the month

Listen and look

Arbitrariness defines absolutism and fascism, 
sticks to the ignorant, stupid lip and is unteachable! 

I testify to the global collective of all peoples and nations, at the ear of the universal unity:

The faith of the good ones is the refuge of the evil one! 

This certainly, undeniably and irrefutably applies to the special tribunal in The Hague “Justice for Ukraine”,
(Tagesschau April 2, 2024 / at 8:15 p.m. / Minute: 07:51 – 07:57)

I bear witness to all you

The hubris of the most perverted of all perverts reigns supreme in Den Hague

This special tribunal is truly and without a doubt the absolute evil in the supposed good. YES, this completely rotten league reveals and testifies to the thousands of years of mentality of the Judeo-Christian Occident or those mutation of the Western Alliance that stinks to the limitless heavens!

This community of interests defines the nuclear abyss, the undisputed furthest and oldest calamity of the collective of nations. This tribunal talks about justice and yet wallows in the evil spirit of the darkest absolutism imaginable in human history, which defines the word “justice” more as fascism. Those who provoked, prepared, opened the war and as a result are arming and fueling it to this day, and therefore absolutely have to win it in order to anoint their lies and deception as a collective value. They want justice for Ukraine, to convince the world that their war is just. There is no lying that is more insidious, deceitful and perverted. These most perverted of perverts sanctify their arbitrary scrapie by bringing Russia into their own and homemade conceit! They throw their thousands of years of unbearably smelly manure at the enemy in order to distract from their own bestial stench. And so this Semitic mafia needs and uses the Western-provoked feud in order to abuse it for its own canonization.

You investigate externally so that you don’t have to investigate within yourself. They research and reconstruct the consequences, not the cause. They are watching and tracking in Butscha, instead of on the Maidan in Kiev. The monster inquisition investigates in the present, not in its own past. The cardsharps shuffle the cards so that their lie invents and constructs a new truth. Gully dirt defines mother’s milk, guttershit seasoning the legitimate and proven taste. A reversal religion humiliates and disempowers the global collective even more brutally, obscenely and bestially than ever before. Ignorance teaches the community of nations that mocking science of internal rot and decay. A global colonial mafia masturbates in public and in the media in white cloths, and to this day continues to rabidly and ignorantly fuck all the corpses of its hopeless history. Old Testament Semitism celebrates, praises and
privatizes its biblical idol of absolutism in the spotlight of externally determined cameras, feeds and heated up war, and at the same time builds up a just, nuclear funeral pyre. The monster is unsure of himself

I bear witness to all you again

The evil spirit that defines the special tribunal “Justice for the Ukraine”, this satanic evil spirit has certainly and undeniably created a global hellish ghetto on earth over the millennia! And this ghetto undeniably defines the most brutal and unbearable labor, concentration and death camp in the universe, this as a hostile coin colony, as well as its deeply murderous barracks, as a guarantee for a nuclear apocalypse. 


And the evil spirit that defines the special tribunal “Justice for the Ukraine” is certainly the evil spirit that has raged through the millennia and continues to rage to this day, and is responsible for all the wars of the past. This evil spirit is therefore responsible for all colonization, for countless genocides, for slaughter, for all the destruction and plunder. Also responsible for the murderous Inquisition, for the world wars, for the bombing of the civilian population in German cities, for the atomic bombs dropped on Japan, for the wars in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, etc.! And all these wars neither embodied law nor justice, nor did they ever produce law or justice, but only business as usual!

And so I ask the perverted of the perverts

And if the wars of the Jewish-Christian Occident or the Western Alliance were and are right today, including the atomic bombings of civilian cities in Japan by Jewish America, then what is wrong and unjust about the war in the Ukraine? Wouldn’t it then be right and just for Russia to use atomic bombs against the Western warmongers? Wouldn’t this be just as right as in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Was there ever a special tribunal for “Justice for Japan,” or was there ever a clowning for “Justice for Dresden,” or a poker game for “Justice for all the Colonies”?

Was or is there a more credible revelation, presentation and production of a war criminal than the Western Alliance, i.e. the Judeo-Christian occident? Is there anything even remotely comparable in human history? Any search for clues should be much easier and more bearable here than in Ukraine!

And I continue to ask you

Do you really believe that someone can clarify the present of another who has not previously clarified his own past? Do you really believe that someone whose own injustice stinks to the limitless heavens can ensure justice among others? Do you really believe that someone who doesn’t know how to transform his own manure, can do this with others like him? Do you really believe that a polluter who spreads his manure all over the globe can clean up Ukraine, Gaza or some other evil? Do you all really believe that your own and homemade Gully shit is worth more just because it smells so overwhelming, monumental and unbearable because of its age?

Well then!

If you all believe that, then you are indeed even more perverted than the most perverted of the perverts!

I’ll tell you something

The most perverted of the perverts are those who believe they can and may judge others! I call them the worst whores and pimps of true evil! Nowhere is arbitrariness, absolutism and fascism defined more banally and cruelly than in the human system of jurisdiction and jurisprudence. No facet is more toxic and rabid than the arrogance of a supposedly all-powerful person. There are no words for this truly satanic evil, even the strongest words cannot be accurate here. And even if my choice of words seems vulgar to some, I would actually rather express my testimony here, more satisfactorily and exclusively with those words, whose much rougher, cruder and harsher. Do you know words like that

And my word stands in the boundless heaven and on the timeless earth

And my name is
Gerhard olinczuk treustedt
Lover, Knower, Seer and Comprehensive 
Anti-Semite, Anti-Christ, Anti-capitalist and Anti-fascist 
April 07, 2024