Brief 1011 ist Brief 1010 in Englisch

The Eternal speaks

And am I the voice of the universe


On Wednesday, March 11, 2024, at 12:08 p.m. I wrote:

Listen and look

I’m sending to all you three more texts that I already sent to you!

I revised them again and corrected it slightly.

They are truly completed, inviolably good, and a testimony of truth, goodness and mercy!

Read them carefully and let them work on you! They are a great help on the inner path to holy transformation!

They are the true tools on the mountain’s path to the light!

I will translate all three texts into English!

However, it will still take a few days!


And my name is
Gerhard olinczuk treustedt
Lover, Knower, Seer and Comprehensive 
March 11, 2024


On Thursday, March 21, 2023, at 12:50 a.m. I wrote:

Arbitrariness defines absolutism and fascism, 
sticks to an ignorant, stupid lip and is unteachable! 

I bear witness to all you

The faith of the good is the hostel of the evil 

Listen and look

When the unions were founded, their efforts were attacked hostilely, unrestrainedly, brutally, bloodily and even murderously by the controlled-exploiting minority of the bourgeoisie. Because that upper bourgeoisie saw in this workers’ movement, i.e. in that class struggle, a serious threat to their system, i.e. an attack against their elite selfimage and legal understanding, and thus a threat to their previous public order, and did everything to meet the demands of the to prevent labor movement. YES, that union that announced that it only represented the interests of those being plundered was classified as an evil enemy, marked, selected and even criminalized.

But as a result, over time, the stupid bourgeoisie understood that the trade union was not its enemy, but rather an equally corrupt friend, which in fact did not really deny that system of the exploiters, rather under better conditions recognized, certified and confirmed.

YES,  the exploiters recognized, that the union not only recognized and affirmed their system, rather also comprehensively underpinned it, supported it and secured it overall. The bourgeoisie truly understood that the trade unions built a protective wall around the your system and thus underpinned, supported and secured the insatiable greed of the property owners, i.e. the overexploitation and the truly perverse self-enrichment. They just demanded
better working conditions and pay, and then guaranteed, certified, and guaranteed their approval. 

And for this the union officials were then paid by the working followers. The inviolable employer god continued to sit on one shoulder of the workers, while the always self-serving union idol sat on the other shoulder. From then on, the common table of the exploiters became the humping back of the collective plundered of the subjected underclass!

150 years ago, the bourgeoisie and the trade unions showed solidarity as a tumor at an insatiable system-table of exploitation, and were united in the parasitic and hopeless plunder of a common body. Liver cancer and kidney cancer married and merged into an arbitrary tumor of absolutism. Over time, they ratified, approved and hypocritically ratified their guaranteed right to exploitation with that truly deeply perverse trophy: The right to work. The union put a halo on itself, and yet she was the same moment she was conspired, corrupted, approved and reconciled in that solidarity brotherhood of a tiny minority, at the expense of an overwhelming majority. What a lie, what despotism

Today the union, together with other supposed welfare associations, is loudly agitating against the AfD, just as the bourgeoisie once did against the union. The union probably fears unmasking and exposure of its mendacious and deeply wicked attitudes. The union truly bears a great deal of responsibility for global plunder and its consequences, which are evident in climate change. YES, all the gods-idols of the cursed economy have not yet recognized that their science defines an apocalyptic tumor that she have created.

Grow and multiply and subdue the earth 

The AI that follows will not save what it is supposed to save, just as it will not bring about a turning point, just as Olaf Scholz and his Inquisition will not, but rather they will drive and accelerate the rampage of madness. The elites in religion and politics have not only failed comprehensively and globally, but they also no longer have any control over their failure. YES, the failure, i.e. that apocalyptic disaster, on the other hand, now controls all those responsible and drives them along as bottomless, disoriented and hopeless tumor! They  all  are  conspired  and  united  in  unteachability.

And the evil spirit of this conspiracy, this evil spirit defines, determines, directs and controls the unity of the Western Alliance, and thus also Europe and the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany. And Olaf Scholz certainly doesn’t even know who he is, where he is from, where he is and where he is going! And everyone who puffs up in his orbit feels the same way. They are further from the answer than the unity of all lies!

Olaf Scholz is a goblin and Kasper. All fools, all trolls and all lies of hopeless contemporary history are united in him. He dances with his demons and they dancearound him. Not only is he disoriented, but he has no answer, no direction and no goal. He grins at ruin and destruction and will not stop. He doesn’t care about anything!

I would like to comment on the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung’s “Thought for the Day” from Wednesday, March 20, 2024:


Good information is hard to come by. It’s even harder to do something with them.” 
By Arthur Conan Doyle, English writer / 1859 to 1930

But I tell to all you

All goodness lives in the truly good 

The only and therefore correct way for this challenge is to visit the greatness that has gifted you with really good information. And here no loss reaches you, only finding!


Good only gives good 

So I bear witness to the global collective of all peoples and nations

It is just an answer in which no question can be found 

And this answer contains salvation and offers only goodness!

I am that answer! And if you come to me, Good will find you. This is guaranteed in the boundless heaven and on the timeless earth! And my word stands!

Wahrlich, Wahrlich, Wahrlich bezeuge ich Euch

Only the one who advances defines the goal of his followers, so that they recognize their very own good in him! Where this is not the case, there is neither guide nor escort. When the enlightenment is complete, the light path of the Eternal is revealed, so that those who then gather, hear the call and agree to it. Decision and seriousness reach further than all attention, are more healing than all words, more living than all hope, more effective than all prayers and holier than all trophies. Without seriousness, there is no resolution!

And now there is nothing left to say, but: Come to me, because it is serious

On Thursday, March 21, 2023, at 12:45 p.m., I wrote to Spiegel-Online:

I’m commenting on Scholz’s speech at the Leipzig Book Fair 2024!


The power of the word - not the power of shouting!”

But I tell to all you

The word is without power, his defines only the powerlessness!

The only person who is powerful is the one who masters the word, i.e. who masters all the words he uses. He is Greater then the Word, meaning, he is before and after the Word, he includes, defines and penetrates it! YES, he is greater and more powerful than the tongue and lip, which audibly bear witness to the word.

The word, however, knows nothing of its content, and nothing of the meaning and claim of the announcer, who does not know what he is talking about. Olaf Scholz cannot even define the word “power”, which proves his own powerlessness beyond a doubt. 

Olaf Scholz is smaller than all those powerless words that determine him, that means dominate and control him!

Olaf Scholz is a fart, a hollow-stinking fainting
Tell him and give him my greetings! His time is up
And my word stands! It is founded in the only power. In the eternal!

And my name is
Gerhard olinczuk treustedt
Lover, Knower, Seer and Comprehensive 
March 21, 2024