Brief 967 ist Brief 966 in Englisch

The Eternal speaks 

And am I the voice of the universe 

I wrote to the weekly magazine “DER SPIEGEL” on November 4th, 2023, at 11:09 a.m

To Christoph Daum 


Christoph Daum has lung cancer because he has never breathed in/with love! 

Tell it him 

Gerhard Olinczuk Treuestedt 
Lover, Knower, Seer, Comprehensive 

I wrote to the weekly magazine “STERN” from November 9th, 2023 at 3:11 p.m

Reference: Historian Michael Wolffsohn on the new dimension of hatred of Jews

I bear witness to all you 

Michael Wolffsohn doesn't know the nature of what happened! 

Not only is he ignorant, but he also refuses to self-reflect. He doesn't really know what he's talking about nor what he's saying! 

It is highly unbelievable and disastrous! And not just since today. 

A major and deeply ugly problem with the media is undeniably the fact that it refuses to speak to anyone who really has something to say for EVERYONE. That's why they don't find any answers, but rather just wishy-washy

Anti-Semitism is not hatred of Jews
The Jews are not victims
Anger and rage are not the same as hate
There is more hate among the Jews than there is among Hamas

And my word stands! 

Gerhard olinczuk treustedt 
Lover, Knower, Seer and Comprehensive 

On Friday, November 24th, 2023 at 7:53 p.m. I wrote: 

To Olaf Scholz, Federal German Chancellor 
Every lie defines failure and decline
And you, Olaf, you only consist of lies
And the calamity that lies within you and your traffic light coalition is apocalyptic

Step back, Olaf! Immediately! 
And my word stands! 
Gerhard olinczuk treustedt 
Lover, Knower, Seer and Comprehensive 

On Sunday, November 26th, 2023, at 3:46 p.m. I wrote:

Reference: Quote of the day on video text ZDF-Tafel 550 from today, Sunday, November 25th, 2023: 


You cannot sow with clenched fists, by Adolfo PÈrez Esquivel 

And I announce it to the new Argentine President Javier Milei at the ear of the global collective of all peoples and nations 

Hear me; Javier Milei 

I extend my hand of friendship to you and testify, that I am ready to talk to you! 

Truly, Argentina really doesn't need the US dollar any more, than it needs the American secret service! 

And my name is 
Gerhard olinczuk treustedt 
Lover, Knower, Seer and Comprehensive 

On Tuesday, November 28th, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. I wrote: 

For Sarah Wagenknecht, Juergen Todenhoefer and Everyone like you 

Truly: Vanity stinks powerful! But it is not found in the universe! 

I call you the generation of the failed 


Those who riot in the prison yard, he are not only prisoners of the prison, but also its builders

Your prison is called vanity 

YES, all you have built the prison of vanity, which binds you and fuels you, deceives you, lies to you and cheats you. And the more you all make noise, the more your vanity dominates and glorifies itself, the thicker the walls, the tighter the chains, the more suffering your failure! 

Verily, verily, verily 

Being right is the lie of those who have failed 

Being right is vanity's weakness, fears self-reflection, denies personal responsibility, fights the answer, encourages self-deception, suppresses injustice, glorifies guilt, prevents repentance and refuses transformation.


NO, you are no more the answer than all those, who are just as vainly lying and drunkenly making noise as you undoubtedly portray in your cheap self-importance. Your all smell is the same! Your all use all those who follow you because they don't see through your LIE and DECEPTION. Therefore, not only will you not change anything, but you will also participate in the increasing disaster, which means you will be responsible for it! Whatever is taken from a dirty puddle or escapes from it, it remains dirty, just as the puddle remains dirty! Only those who are freed from dirt and healed, who are EMPTY, pure and unadulterated, only HE can and may go ahead! But you all, it's not you

You are deeply restless spirits in the thick fog of your own inadequacies, which you assiduously conceal in and with your noise. I look and see through, and know about all the harm in and with all you! Woe to you in a carry on like this! 

It has been made known to you here. And you will never be able to credibly claim that it was not witnessed to you in and with meAnd if even just one person on the wide earth recognizes me, turns to me and walks with me, this is more important, more emphatic, more sober, more serious, more intimate, more credible and more meaningful than if everyone else denies me and turns away from me! YES, this ONE with me, he is more than the rest with you! And in this certainty rests a true majority, those majority that defines neither a coalition nor a compromise; and this majority none of you can and will ever achieveAnd this majority is certainly and unavoidably needed in order to initiate and achieve change. Without this majority, all vanity remains captive! 


What must win is always evil 
Every lie defines the apocalypse 
Those who fear peace flee to war 
Those who are ready to kill hate life 
Israel's biblical history of lies is over 
War never finds a winner, only loser 
Those who approve of war fear peace 
Not anti-Semitism, Semitism is the evil 
There is no Jewish life, only Jewish lies 
If you don't abuse, you can't be abused 
Anyone who defends himself is guilty of it 
What man defends it is be completely worthless 
He who is at peace with himself never wages war 
Renunciation does not mean loss, but rather finding 
The Lie unite hatred, agitation, arbitrariness, war and terror 

So the universe speaks

Man's gods and idols I call his demons

Verily, verily, verily

Ignorance and faith define birth, lies, fear and death!

Birth and death mean beginning and end

Thus and verily

People's thoughts, speeches and actions are temporal and end with them.

Thus speaks the Eternal

I am without birth, without lie, without fear and without death, my being, my word and my silence are embedded in this!


Everything without and against me, it ends!

And my word is written in the dust and stands forever 


All names are not mine, but man's work

My name is 
Gerhard olinczuk treustedt 
Lover, Knower, Seer and Comprehensive 
November 28, 2023