Brief 963 ist Brief 962 in Englisch

The Eternal speaks 

And am I the voice of the universe 

On Tuesday, October 31st, 2023, I wrote to the weekly magazine “STERN

Reference STERN: How can we protect Jewish life in Germany 

I commented on this 

Listen and look 

By no longer writing and speaking about “Jewish” life, but simply about Jews!

Because when you write about “Jewish life”, you devalue everything that is not Jewish!

There is no Jewish nightingale, no Jewish birch, no Jewish pike and no Jewish flower meadow! 

I know very well that your intelligence is not sufficient to understand this, let alone recognize it! 

Therefore I want to enlighten you 

LIFE is a "spiritual greatness" beyond nationalism and religion, beyond your stupidity, beyond all human cultures of the past and present! Life existed before there were Jews, before there were Germans, before there were Americans, etc. etc. etc. and life will still exist when the cultures of all those writers, adventurers and con artists have perished! 

The earth is alive, not Israel and not Germany either! Therefore there is neither a Jewish life nor a German life! And therefore the earth belongs neither to Israel nor to Germany. Germany is just an existence in your heads, an error, a lie, an imagination, an illness, a desecration! The earth is neither Jewish nor German, it has produced neither one nor the other and does not need them! All unadulterated life on earth follows only the laws and order of that spirit that supports and penetrates the earth, and therefore holds it in his hand and protects it! The Jew didn't teach the nightingale how to live or how to sing, and neither did the German! And she also knows how to take care of herself! 

So there is only one Jewish idea of what life really is (i.e. of its true size), an idea of it, an illusion, an imagination, a fabrication, a spin, a self-deception, an error, a lie! 

There is therefore only one Jewish existence, one Jewish culture, one Jewish system, one Jewish ignorance, one Jewish cheating and grandstanding - but certainly not a Jewish life! 

To write about Jewish life is truly an expression of the greatest stupidity, and therefore a testimony to profound arrogance and overestimation of oneself; a censorship and declaration of war on every other culture, against everything that thinks differently and against every contradiction. YES, this is a deeply despotic lie, the cause of racism, hostility, hatred and agitation all over the earth! 

So as long as you write and speak about Jewish life, you are feeding global hatred and all the agitation against the Jews. 

The Jews are not victims, they are the real perpetrators. Their slavery in Egypt (Old Testament) was their first holocaust, just the beginning of all the pogroms in their story of lies that lasted several thousand years!

As simple as that! 

And yet so difficult for all you narrowness! 

All of you are not the crowning glory of creation! The only thing that's really great about all you is your pomposity!

Gerhard Olinczuk Treuestedt, 
Lover, Knower, Seer and Comprehensive 
October 31, 2023 


On Wednesday, November 1st, 2023, I wrote to the weekly magazine “STERN

Reference STERN: Anti-Semitism as a threat in Germany 

I commented on this 

Listen and look 


It is not anti-Semitism that is the threat, but only Semitism, which is not examined, but is repressed and hushed up, so it not only refuses any self-reflection, but also evades it in and out of the deepest fear! So he is truly on the run! Hopeless!!! 

Semitism is a global threat! The global weapons craze, climate change, species extinction, the war in Ukraine and the Middle East, and much, much more are all due to him!!! 

Without Semitism there would be no anti-Semitism, just as there would be no anti-capitalism without capitalism! 

To curse anti-Semitism, i.e. to criminalize it, is an expression of the worst perversion and is doomed to failure! The more the Semites rebel, defend themselves, fight and rage, the more they accuse themselves and yet declare themselves guilty! 

Her system is at an end 

The Central Council of Jews defines sheer absolutism up to and including terror, i.e. it presumes to determine what is permitted in Germany and what is not! The chairman is a heap of misery 

Ron Prosor's demagoguery is hard to beat! 

Netanyahu's rabies certainly shouldn't define terrorism! It's not Hamas that's going under in Gaza, it's Israel!

You all will experience it! 

I'll tell all you something here: 

Anyone who speaks of farm animals is a farm animal of the system! 

You all should think about this. Most of you will identify with this statement! 

Gerhard olinczuk treustedt 
Lover, Knower, Seer and Comprehensive 
November 1, 2023 


And I'll tell you here again 

So gather yourselves together and go with me. Finds a majority with me, not only in Germany and Europe, but all over the earth; i.e. in the west, in the east, in the north and in the south. I offer all you global peace, comprehensive freedom and unifying justice. Holistic living is the only priority. Nothing is higher, is called holier and is more valuable! 


Long live the earth 

She belongs only to the endless sky


And my word is written in the dust and stands forever