Brief 959 ist Brief 958 in Englisch

The Eternal speaks 

And am I the voice of the universe  

I have something else for you all here 

Listen all to me carefully 

Benjamin Netanyahu has told the world that his government, including himself, does not want to investigate the mistakes made, until the war is over! 

Please tell him the following: 

Those mistakes that Benjamin Netanyahu only wants to explore after the war, these brought about the war, they drove Netanyahu into the war, so to speak, they really used him, that is, made use of him! Therefore, these mistakes will not end the war, but will perpetuate this crazy madness in, with and through Netanyahu. 

In fact, Netanyahu should immediately stop and look at where the mistakes are and what are driving him forward! 

But Netanyahu belongs to the category of psychopath who, when they has destroyed everything, he will announce to the world: "Look, I did everything right!" There will then be no more talk of any errors! 

The multi-thousand-year-old despotism of Judaism nests, breeds and rages in Netanyahu. 

He's more than just mentally ill! 

And my word is written timelessly in the dust, and is valid forever  

Gerhard olinczuk treustedt 
October 27, 2023