Brief 941 ist Brief 940 in Englisch

The Eternal speaks


Everything that man defends, is always and completely worthless


Because it is always fear that defends. She defends a supposed right that is defined by possession and control, i.e. by the possession that actually possesses that man and thus subordinates them and deprives them of their right to life or denies it to them, and then only allows them an inferior existence and granted. And this existence is subject to the conditions of fear and exclusively serves this.But no possession can replace life or be equal to it, but will devalue, decompose and destroy it. 
I know that very few people understand this! 
And yet I testify to all you 
The attack by Hamas against Israel in no way defines a defense, but only the demand for the right to life! And this just and rightful demand from Hamas to Israel, this challenge, she now reveals and witnesses to the rest of the world the mad mobilization of the largest terrorist organization in human history, whose leaders actually believe that the earth is their inviolable possession, and therefore has to be defended by them! 
I'll tell you all something 
The heads of this terrorist organization are more than just mentally ill, they are completely degenerate. They have degenerated in such a way that there are no words for it. Every single one of these degenerate creatures is a monster, a greedy and insatiable monster. That's why there is so much poverty and suffering on earth, because they never get enough and never will have enough. YES, with their mobilization they intend to secure what is not remotely theirs, has never been theirs and never will be theirs!

And so their rabid craft of "LIES and DECEIT" must be ended forever so that their global terror of colonization does not repeat itself or advance any further! Because their progress has so far made use of all means of terror, as their past undeniably attests, and does not rule out a nuclear finale, which it certainly conjures up 
And therefore I am
And my word is written timelessly in the dust and is valid forever

Gerhard olinczuk treustedt 
October 13, 2023