Brief 939 ist Brief 938 in Englisch

The Eternal speaks 

Anyone who is prepared to kill, fears life


This here is my message to all media, to truly all media, global and comprehensive 
Listen and look 
I'll tell you all again 

All religion and all politic ist failed, globally and comprehensively

So and therefore 

None of all you, not even a single one, should believe, assume, hope or even try to convince yourself or others that religion or politics can clarify or even resolve the crises and problems on earth or will answer those questions that need to be answered. And even less should you believe, suspect, hope or even try to convince yourself and others that the military will find and opened the way to peace! 
I'm telling to all you 
Those responsible for the disasters fear nothing more than the answer. War fears nothing more than true peace!
I neither fear all you nor share your fear with you! 
I am the answer for all your questions! 
Gerhard olinczuk treustedt 
October 12, 2023