Brief 927 ist Brief 926 in Englisch

The Eternal speaks 

I wrote on Saturday, July 22, 2023 at 10:31 am

All right then 

I'll get in touch here and announce a text for possibly today, 07/22/2023, or tomorrow, 07/23/2023 at the latest. 

The text refers to Frank-Walter Steinmeier's summer interview with Bettina Schausten in "Berlin direkt" from July 9th, 2023 and to a statement by Joe Biden that reveals, testifies to and defines the hegemonic injustice, megalomania, perversion and all the evil of the Western Alliance! 

The interview clarifies the whole wickedness of that self-image of the Federal President, who even makes known to Bettina Schausten what she has to understand, i.e. how she has to think and speak! 

I illuminate: 

Frank Walter Steinmeier: 
I (we, i.e. the West) have notseen through Putin! 
If Zelenskyi withdraws, Ukraine will be lost! 
Putin is the enemy 

Joe Biden: 
Only the security of Europe counts! 

Gerhard olinczuk treustedt


I wrote on Sunday, July 23, 2023 at 1:00 a.m

The Eternal speaks 

Verily, verily I testify to every man on earth 

Don't you find happiness on earth, 
there where you stand - 
don't you find it in the universe, 
wherever you go! 

Hear me all and look 

I know I'm repeating myself in some ways, but this is intentional, important and necessary! 


The earth only belongs to that spirit that carries it, but never to those who are called carried or tolerated by it, whether bugs or vermin. 

Where there is no winner, there is also no loser 

Whoever has to win is always the cheater. He needs the win to hide his cheating. Evil, worthlessness, lies, injustice, weakness, insecurity, control, hegemony must always win. This applies to the Western Alliance. But who just don't want to lose, you won't submit to that must-winner. He does not have to win, but just doesn't want to be incapacitated, doesn't delivs himself, doesn't want to surrender to others, doesn't want to subdue over to strangers, doesn't throw himself to the swines, doesn't let himself be ripped off. This applies to Vladimir Putin. This is a huge difference, much more than just a controversy or an enmity. This is about more! Whoever started must withdraw!

The beginning opens a red thread that extends through the contemporary history of relative and mortal events. 


The instruments "Noah's Ark", "Tower of Babel" and "Dance around the Golden Calf", these instruments respectively a monster veiled in them, they justify, permeate, support and secretly determine the attitude of the Western Alliance. That cloaked monster, as the common red thread of those instruments, reveals itself in those deeply apocalyptic words: Grow and multiply and conquer the earth! Here nests, breeds, clamors and rages that renegade-Semitic logic, arbitrariness and malevolence that contaminated and drives the Western Alliance. The Semitic West must therefore triumph in order to underpin its inner apostasy and blasphemy, in order to put its dark disposition in a supposedly holy light. If the West doesn't win, it justifiably implodes! Therefore, the Semitic alliance must not and will not triumph in and with its hopeless blasphemy! 

I know that only a few can or want to follow me spiritually. Therefore I want to comment untouchably on Frank-Walter Steinmeier's tirade in the summer interview of "Berlin direct" with Bettina Schausten from July 9th, 2023! 

1. I, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, i.e. the West did not see through Putin! 
2. Putin is the enemy! 
3. Ukraine is lost if Zelenskyi retreats! 

First of all, this means that Steinmeier sees through neither himself nor anyone else. But that doesn't mean that neither Putin nor others don't see through him. It does mean, actually, that Steinmeier doesn't know what he doesn't see through. He doesn't know if anything he thinks, says and does is right or wrong. He knows absolutely nothing about his self-understanding, nothing about his worldview, whether it is right or wrong. He knows nothing, absolutely nothing. He is ignorant, so a cheap, banal and foreign determined scholar of the script! And because he doesn't see through anything, absolutely nothing, he knows nothing about sovereignty, character, dignity, sincerity and credibility. He knows nothing of his own intentions or of Putin's intentions. Nonetheless, he accuses the Russian President of hostility, ambush and land grabbing, as well as further progress if Zelenskyi steps back. He only accuses Putin of evil, bad and arbitrary things, even though he doesn't see through him, i.e. doesn't know anything about him or his intentions! All this is pure speculation, the speculation of an ignorant and underage. The speculation of a fascist and banal warmonger who must win at all costs, otherwise he will lose everything. He would lose with Biden, with Scholz, with Selenskyj, with Macron and with all the followers and allies in Europe. YES, their unity revealed itself as a weakness, not as a strength! They have to win together, just to keep their appearances, i.e. the lies and deceit of 
their self-image! 

I'm telling to all you 

If Zelenskyi withdraws, the war will end immediately. This consequence is the only and comprehensive certainty that applies to everyoneEverything else is speculation, prejudice, illusion, conceit, hallucination, calculation, madness, business, conjecture, tactic, strategy, fear, unreality, mirage, confusion, chimera. Every weapon delivery is therefore a corrupt ace that they pull out of their dirty underpants. Their unity gathers and binds them to a biblical poker table that serves as a Trojan horse. YES, it's all just a business of cardsharps, imposters, big investors, adventurers and soldier of fortune. So you have to keep going, because the otherwise necessary-strategic victory would be gone and everything you had set would be lost. The West would lose Ukraine again, which only appears as a pawn in the insatiable struggle for resources and raw materials, and this Ukraine forcibly and illegally annexed that conspired alliance at the beginning of 2014 on the Maidan. YES, all the common autonomy would implode, all supposed dignity, all appearances and possessions, all offices and titles, as well as that dark curse of unity in lies and deceit, all hopeless decadence would find an unexpected, but a just and thorough end. An apocalyptic implosion of that thousand-year-old idolatry of Judaism would be the result, as a necessary consequence and credible transformation for global salvation. But Frank-Walter Steinmeier only cares about his ego

Hear me all and look 

Only lies, evil, darkness, hatred, violence, gully dirt, injustice, worthlessness, vermin, weakness, ignorance, distrust, insecurity and the control of hegemony must triumph! Truth doesn't have to win because it can't lose. She survives everything, even a nuclear final, which is not only conjured up by the West, but is even taken into account. Because here broods and rages his only chance to preserve the monstrous perversion of the in-house victim role and the bestial stench of their guilt. No, the truth does not have to prevail. Value does not have to win, not the sovereign, not the wise, not the just and not the upright either. They don't have to win because they are invincible. They are invincible because they are winners. They are winners, as they have always been winners and will always be winners. What must conquer, it begins and ends in itself, it eliminates itself! Unless it stops and turns back

Regarding Joe Biden's statement: Only the security of Europe is important. And not only Frank-Walter Steinmeier supports this view!

Uncertainty is a weakness and does not become a strength in unity. Insecurity needs and seeks security like the cripple needs a crutch. Security is needed by those who do not trust themselves and, as a result, cannot trust anyone. Even the supposedly furthest security protects and breeds distrust. Therefore, any security is completely worthless! Security is for this reasoncompletely worthless because it requires absolute control. The furthest uncertainty is hegemonic! The insecure person only feels secure when everything belongs to him, that is, when he owns everything, supposedly controls it, commands and directs it as a result. So such an imposter only believes oneself is safe when he has defeated, humiliated, incapacitated and subjected all others to his megalomania. And yet wouldn't all his inner insecurities and mistrust not be be defeated, not dissolved, not transformed, but still present as inner rot, deadly burdensome and ultimately self-destructive. Security represents the widest imaginable fascism. Security is not the answer. Whattransforms safely the Security of uncertainty means certainty.

I testify to the global collective of all peoples and nations. 

Certainty dwells and grazes solely in the eternal and needs no security. Certainty is mature, sovereign, whole, safe, wise, sincere, loving, just, thorough and without mistrust! The spirit of eternal certainty pervades, sustains, nourishes, and shields the earth and all living things. That certainty of which I write here, it dwells and grazes before time, before all names and before all words, is neither for sale nor corruptible, neither contemporary nor mortal. She reveals herself and offers herself like a fountain, but never imposes herself, does not swell, argue or fight, and lets every thirsty person drink who bends down peacefully and gratefully. Certainty means theanswer; fearless, approaching, inviting, penetrating, distinct, clear and reassuring. Where she is not wanted or denied, she turns away, without pain, without resentment and without noise. Certainty is without fear, without calamity, without suffering, without hatred and without violence. Certainty means peace, freedom, wholeness, joy and bliss.

And further I testify to all you 

Self-optimization is truly the ugliest, cruelest and most abysmal word of the turning point, and testifies to a killing spree. This word truly contains and defines the non-spirit of the widest exploitation and plundering of creation, as well as the most brutal disenfranchisement and subjugation of man through politics, capital and economy. 


Gather yourselves towards completion in the spirit to salvation! When you gather all collect yourselves, I will lead and accompany you. When you all don´t gather all collect yourselves, it means that you know it better or think you know it better and don't need me! 

Yes, if you collect yourselves in the Gral Alliance, things will start to move. You all will experience it! 

Und bezeuge ich Euch 

A nuclear finale nests, breeds and rages within the fascism of western hegemony. The ultimate testimony to this is the atomic bombing of civilian cities in Japan. This affliction is not over, rather in the world. And only a sincere concentration towards the salvation in the completion averts this calamity, as well as all other evils. 

So I tell to the global collective of all peoples and nations 


The completion never fails 

I am the answer to all of humanity's essential questions 


I am the answer 

Truly, truly, truly 

Long live the earth 

she belongs only to the boundless sky 


I am. And my word is holy and valid

And I am neither a speculator nor an imposter, neither an adventurer nor a soldier of fortune! 

Ich Bin 
der Auferstandene, Namenlose, nicht Nennbare, Ganzheitliche und Unterschiedslose 
Antisemit, Antichrist und Antikapitalist, also Antifaschist
Gerhard olinczuk treustedt 
Gallin, 23.07.2023