Brief 925 ist Brief 924 in Englisch

The Eternal speaks

On Monday 06/26/2023 at 18:44 I wrote: 

I testify to all you 
In the case of Prigozhin, the West is just talking shit! Pure shit! 
YES, smart-stupid-ugly-brown shit! 
This because fascism has nothing else to say than intelligent-stupid-ugly-brown shit! 
Putin is by no means weakened! But on the contrary!
I can only laugh at all you! 

On Thursday, June 29th, 2023 at 11:43 am I wrote: 

Hear me all and look 
I announce another message until Sunday 07/02/2023 
But so much here and now 
I'm telling all you 
Those who meet me at the train station are not strangers because they share the same goal. And even if this goal sometimes seems far away, it is indeed always near, YES, it was never absent! 
So I tell all you

Don't you find happiness on earth, 
there where you stand - 
don't you find it in the universe, 
wherever you go! 

On Saturday, July 1st 2023 at 14:00 I wrote: 

I say to the global collective of all peoples and nations 

The creation of all life is complete! Completion dwells and grazes before time! This is decreed and founded in a timeless, all-bearing, unifying, penetrating and encompassing spirit, whose light, knowledge and wisdom, penetrates all life, as the womb of content, determines, carries, orders and nourishes. Yes, this nameless spirit, as the loving sourceand center of BEING, He/She/It owns, protects and shields the earth as its very own, absolute crowning glory and holy pearl of the universe. But sinister, human vermin in religion, ideology and politics, YES, a madness of degeneration, confusion, decadence and ruin, this monstrous and deadly madness has set up a global self-world hell ghetto on the holy earth, i.e. a ideological labor and concentration camp, and conjures up an apocalyptic inferno, an unimaginable Armageddon! 
First of all, let me address the media 

I'm telling all you 

The fact that you allhave not followed my invitations or always avoided a conversation with me over the years, this is because you cannot have a conversation means that you don't know how to have a conversation, YES, not even know what a conversation really is. This results from the fact that you only talk to yourself, that is, you only converse with your echo, that is, with your kind. This is very easy, since you do not need to think in this way, let alone be exposed to self-reflection, and consequently, of course, can put aside anything as nonsensethat is not understood. That's cheaper than cheap, means self-filing in the bottom drawer!

I'll tell all you a short story 

In 1981 I was enrolled at the Hanse College in Hamburg. One day the publisher of the weekly newspaper "DIE ZEIT" Gerd Bucerius gave a speech in the auditorium of the college. When he said the word freedom, I stood up and interrupted him in Front of the whole faculty. I asked him what he meant by freedom. He explained to me that he did not understand my question. So I asked him again what he meant by freedom. He explained again that he didn't understand my question. I then asked him if he meant the kind of freedom that a prison warden talks about when he allows to the prisoners every morning that they can now move about freely in the yard for an hour? After that he waved his hand angrily and continued his speech. I probably left the room after that.

When I later left the premises, a large, dark car stopped to my left. The rear right window pane lowered, Gerd Bucerius showed me his face and slipped me a note. He said: "Write me a text and send it to this address! I'll get in touch with you!" The window closed and the car drove away. I never received an answer from Gerd Bucerius. The supposedly big publisher was probably overwhelmed and decided cowardly against his promise. In 1995 I learned of his death. If I remember correctly, the cancer had eaten him from the inside. This reflects the ugly demon of all the media up to the present hour of that deeply hopeless turning point in time, i.e. this worthless autocratic bubble of narcissism, ignorance, inadequacy and stupid-arrogant immaturity. This media monster never knew what to include, let alone announce! All just imposters, gossip and quacks! What "Der Spiegel" and other opinion leaders project into Vladimir Putin, all this says more about their own and homegrown inferiorities and absurdities than it does about the Russian president.

I'm telling all you 

Vladimir Putin is not weakened, but has indeed demonstrated his sovereignty and strength as a leader, even if he made mistakesPrishogin, however, this was and is just a fuzi, a fart, YES, a flatulence, which did not even gain control over itself, as a result it bloated more and more, and in the end even believed that he would those intestine conquer, determine and control, from which he had escaped. He should have stayed in the kitchen with all the pots and pans! Putin put an end to the flatulent busybody Prishogin without making the mistake of killing him. Because with this he would have exalted Prischogin, set a monument to him, so to speak, and made himself small! No, he gave him notice, so to speak, dismissed him and "released him", just as he also leaves it to his mercenaries to make a new decision. He showed everyone who is the BOSS in Russia! 

There is no such sovereignty in the West. Here everyone is bloating with each other! All shit exchanges and mixes in this way into a political issue of ugly brown shit. In the west, the brownest fascism of contemporary history, that fascism of Semitism, is marching as an alliance of National Socialist shit, as it has never been more banal and devastating on earth. 

Russia was and is not the aggressor, but solely the West, whose history clearly testifies to this, as a chronicle of absolute evil, revealed and testified to in its megalomania, terror, brutality, perversion, abyss, cruelty and banality. Bible in hand, this horde of bastards marched through the millennia, establishing a global evil filled with mischief, terror and suffering beyond. YES, they created a hell ghetto on earth and then even used nuclear weapons on civilian targets to enforce their injustice! I truly and rightly call this pack human vermin

Vladimir Putin is defending himself against all the ugly vermin that is spreading and threatening the entire globe with its claim to hegemony. He defends himself against the largest terrorist organization in contemporary history and is not ready to submit to this plague. All the hatred and all the malice that the West pours out over it, all this puke really and only unmasks those who don't know any different, and therefore incorrigibly rant, rage and make noise. They rail against their own inevitable and irreversible downfall! 

Emmanuel Macron does not realise that he is already in the past, that he is making himself important, although he is driving around in his "head" with no answer and no way out! So he lets shoot afterwards! Especially for those who know! He should resign, amicably and together with Olaf Scholz, Volodymyr Selenskyj and all the other charlatans, quacks, barkers, cardsharps and empty heads, for the benefit of Europe and the global community of all peoples and nations! The end of the war against Russia in Ukraine is also the end of the refugee crisis and all unanswered questions about migration. YES, and not only that! I am willing and certainly able to shape the fate of Europe in a peaceful manner, for the true good of all! And this without NATO

And I'll tell all you more 

Titan implosion near the Titanic parodies, apes, and caricatures the decline of the Western Alliance. That one supposed turning point in time decays effective in the mediaalongside the old days. What connects Titanic and Titan is blind hubris, deaf megalomania and loyal unteachability. The day-long search for answers uncovers the common rubble of repetition and business as usual! Nothing ugly outlasts the spirit of completion. Now the water pressure, at that time an iceberg!

To Olaf Scholz 

Belief is the intelligence-logic-stupidity of ignorance 
Hope is the ugliest stench of immaturity 

So Olaf 

You and your traffic light coalition caused more damage in and with that turning point than all the federal governments bevor your time. You are more than done. YES, you were already finished before Konrad Adenauer started! In fact, you're just a fart, Olaf, an ugly flatulence verily escaped from that Semitic asshole of globalization. Your mini submarine-UFO-era-change-bubble has no answer, doesn't know how to classify the traffic light colors, can neither fly nor swim or even dive, has therefore imploded in good time and lies on the garbage dump of the time base, in the grave of all repetitions and continuations! All that's left is a ruin of decay! 

Russia has neither attacked Ukraine nor is it at war with the country. In fact, at the beginning of 2014, the West robbed Ukraine of Russia's influence by force of arms on the Maidan in Kiev, solely to annex the country in violation of international law and to take possession of it for its own base desires. Anyone who says otherwise is a pathetic liar. Since then, America, with the allies of the Western Alliance, has been waging a barbaric war on Ukrainian territory, not only against Russia but indeed against the rest of the world, with the bloated involvement of NATO. The global majority knows this, except for that perverse conspiracy of the accomplices, the stooges and the toadies. This undeniable fact is there and is indelibly written in the dust of the universe. And even a nuclear final will not change anything on this! 

For all leaders in Europe 

All true and common value always and openly invites, does not impose itself, never threatens, does not defend itself and never needs a weapon, but simply and credibly withdraws in the event of rejection. So NATO, in and with its participation in the conflict in Ukraine, not only reveals and testifies to America's war of aggression, but also shows the worthlessness, the wickedness and the ugliness of Europe. This makes NATO undeniably the greatest weakness of the European community! In its bloating, NATO is not only testimony to the failure of Joe Biden, but also to the internal rot of the entire political elite of the western community of states. 

I unequivocally call on all heads of state in Europe not to take part in the arming of Ukraine any longer, but to consistently evade the rabid conspiracy of gun buffs and warmongers! The armament of Ukraine did not begin with Russia's invasion, but long before that. Then the comedian Volodymyr Zelenskyj was installed and exploited to pave the way for Western claims from now on. But Zelenskyy is by no means the answer for Ukraine But Zelenskyy is by no means the answer for Ukraine. He never was and never will be. He's just a cheap and corrupt impostor, a Semitic flatulence who knows nothing about Ukraine and has no relation to it. That he promises freedom to the people is the height of his madness. Because the Ukrainian people will by no means experience freedom when Russia leaves the country, but only takes the first step in this direction when they renounce Zelenskyj and he leaves the country as a refugee! Without his money!

The AfD in Germany is the answer to all the established good-for-nothings, show-offs, busybodies and impostors, who not only have no answer, but cannot even define the word. YES, indeed they understand their tirades, all their hollow declarations, the banal outpourings and their boring palaver as an answer to that mountain range of unanswered questions. On stages and podiums, on talk shows and other venues, they snot and grin their snot into the microphones of all the media who court and flatter them. Of course, the AfD isn't the answer either, but ostracizing them for that really reveals the whole perversity and rottenness of the established! 

I'm telling you

There are bugs and there are vermin. In the timeless creation there are numerous beetles, i.e. in that kingdom of the named animals. Vermin, however, can only be found in the contemporary human Selfworld, i.e. in the intelligence and loyalty of the Pharisees and scribes, whose allways obedient and succumbed to religion, politics, ideology, capital and the economy. YES, vermin is the name of that mafia syndicate of the exalted and crowned; that alliance of the mutated and degenerate, the vampires and zombies, the perverted and the deviant, the parasites, the freeloaders and exploiters; so the economy of the sycophants and the foam beater, the impostors and the quacks, the jugglers and the charlatans, the show-offs and the busybodies, the barkers and the cardsharps, the gossips and the good-fornothing. YES, vermin means that intelligence of stupidity, which always defined in and with the logic of ignorance, and is orientates solely on all the hopeless information of immaturity. All intelligence is artificial, not natural; she is dirty, not clean; dark, not light; bad, not good; existential, not alive. Intelligence is always the question, not the answer. Intelligence is always stupid, never wise; is always mortal, never timeless! YES, many dogs are called intelligent because they are well trained and obedient

Wisdom lives beyond intellect, intelligence and reason and is never accessible to them! 

Politics is the ideology of capital
Capital is the ideology of hegemony 
Hegemony is the ideology of vermin

I warn allyou against Olaf Scholz and his vermin traffic light, equating belief with knowledge and override wisdom.I warn all you against Steinmeier and von der Leyen, against Biden, Macron and the likes of them in Europe, against Selenskyj and all the warmongers, all the gun freaks and idiots, against the media clowns, the flatulent jugglers and all other junk! They are not turned to the spirit of life, but to the madness of existence; they are not willing to BE, but only willing to Have; they do not walk upright, but crouch and wallow in lies and deceit! They know nothing of life, but are devoted to death! They are self-world vermin, servants of the manhole filth and the gutter shit! They puke and shit on everything

And I'll tell to that vermin 

You all are not the answer and you never will be! Not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow. You are truly and jointly responsible for the global calamity, and conjure up the most devastating Armageddon imaginable! 

And I'll tell to that vermin again 

You all are not the answer and you never will be! Not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow. You are truly and jointly responsible for the global calamity, and conjure up the most devastating Armageddon imaginable! 

Woe to you 

When the cherry blossom opens quietly; 
Then I recognize about the sweet red in the white. 
Yet if intelligence opens me its ways; 
Then Only ugly brown shit shows up 

in, with and through 
Gerhard olinczuk treustedt 

I tell to the global collective of all peoples and nations 

I break away from all you now and take myself back. I detach myself from all you and everything for the sake of completion!

I don't write any messages and I don't make any more videos either! 


Gather yourselves towards completion in the spirit to salvation, or don't gather yourselves. In that "or" dwells and grazes the secret of everything that is to come. 

So I tell to the global collective of all peoples and nations 


The completion never fails 

I am the answer to all of humanity's essential questions 


I am the answer 

Truly, truly, truly 

Long live the earth 

she belongs only to the boundless sky 


I am. And my word is holy and valid

I Am

The Risen, Nameless, Unnamable, Holistic and Indiscriminate 
Anti-Semite, Anti-Christ and Anti-capitalist, so Anti-fascist
Gerhard olinczuk treustedt 
Gallin, 07/01/2023