Brief 919 ist Brief 918 in Englisch

The Eternal speaks 

All intelligence is always stupid enough to overestimate itself 

On Friday, May 12, 2023, at 1:11 p.m. I wrote to Spiegel-Online


All intelligence has failed, not only that Geoffrey Hinton with his creation: "Artificial Intelligence"! 

Much more ominous, because that "artificial intelligence" is the intelligence that advocates the "artificial"! You all just have no idea how menacing she is! Nothing is more menacing! 

So I tell you 

The answer is beyond all intelligence, and requires neither armor nor weapon! Insight and humility are the father and mother of salvation! 

Why don't you come and sit with me at my table? Is it because of your intelligence? 

You could fill a whole mirror with me! And even more! 

On Monday, May 15th, 2023, at 11:09 am I wrote to ZDF:

I comment here on the "Quote of the Day" on ZDF from May 15, 2023 video text panel: 550 

In a democracy, why is the majority of national wealth in the 
hands of a minority, and why do the majority believe in power 
to be? By Max Frisch 

Well then, I want to reply to this, so to clarify unequivocally 

It is so because that named majority permits, affirms, tolerates, authenticates, condones, authorizes, vouches for, recognizes, swears, supports, it appreciates, it legalizes and it accounts for; so don't do anything about it, although truly I am continually calling for a rallying spirit to end this - really end it! 

Here, today, I am commenting on a deeply paranoid statement by Ursula von der Leyen of May 14, 2023: 

             Ukrainians secure the future of our children with their blood 

So that means: Christian Ascension Commando 

According to von der Leyen, “our children” are vampires who suck Ukrainian blood to survive. Ursula is thus a mother-vampire, without milk and, as it were, bloodless. You can't get any more perverted. Your testimony documents, confirms and justifies all the murderous infamy of the Judeo-Christian West, including its war against Russia!

I'm telling you 

I know about a lot of blood sucking bugs, mosquitoes, the like and other things. Since I don't want to assign Ursula von der Leyen to those animal bugs, I correctly classify her in the category "human vermin". YES, Ursula von der Leyen and all like-minded people of her intelligence is, in the bloodthirsty unison of awarding and honoring an aggressive genocide, to be assigned to that blood-sucking species: human vermin!

Woe to you 

When the cherry blossom opens quietly; 
Then I recognize about the sweet red in the white. 
Yet if intelligence opens me its ways; 
Then Only ugly brown shit shows up 

in, with and through 
Gerhard olinczuk treustedt 

Verily, verily I bear witness to allyou 

There are bugs and there are vermin. In the timeless creation there are numerous beetles, i.e. in that kingdom of the named animals. Vermin, however, can only be found in the contemporary human Selfworld, i.e. in the intelligence and loyalty of the Pharisees and scribes of religion, politics, ideology, capital and the economy. YES, vermin is the name of that mafia syndicate of the exalted and crowned; so the economy of the sycophants and the foam beater, the impostors and the quacks, the jugglers and the charlatans, the show-offs and the busybodies, the barkers and the cardsharps, the gossips and the good-for-nothing. YES, vermin is called the intelligence of stupidity; she defines itself in and with the logic of ignorance, and orientates itself solely on all the hopeless information of immaturity. 

All intelligence is artificial, not natural; she is dirty, not clean; dark, not light; bad, not good; existential, not alive. Intelligence is always the question, not the answer. Intelligence is always stupid, never wise; is always mortal, never timeless!

I'm telling to all you 

You all are not the answer and you never will be! Not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow. You are truly and jointly responsible for the global calamity, and conjure up the most devastating Armageddon imaginable! 

So I testify to the global collective of all peoples and nations 

I am the answer to all of humanity's essential questions 


I am the answer 

Truly, truly, truly 

Long live the earth 

she belongs only to the boundless sky 


I am. And my word is holy and valid

I Am

The Risen, Nameless, Unnamable, Holistic and Indiscriminate 
Anti-Semite, Anti-Christ and Anti-capitalist, so Anti-fascist
Gerhard olinczuk treustedt 
Gallin, May 18, 2023