Brief 905 ist Brief 904 in Englisch

The Eternal speaks

The twin guards at the gate of the global hell ghetto are called hope and confidence

Hört und schaut 

If the pope or another preacher of the church as an institution calls for hope, this means that this caller calls for hope in his person, in his self-world formation, i.e. in his faith, in his conviction, thus in his own hope. He links the ecclesiastical with the public hope. The Pope or those like him call for hope in here responsibility, he becoming a swarm guru, vouching for himself as a bearer of hope, and pledging all his credibility to the believing and loyal mass of believers, and is therefore the responsible projection surface for all their helplessness, immaturity, confusion and disorientation.

So I ask all you 

Shouldn't each of those "Hoping for the Pope's hope" take a closer look at that guru, question him and examine him? Doesn't he have to check the attitude of the besieged beacon of hope in advance, first check his faith and conviction, fathom his foundation, taste his answers, analyze his environment, as well as scour his past and present?Doesn't everyone have to check for themselves whether this person is actually predestined for their comprehensive 
claim; whether he is qualified and suitable for the task that he expects of himself; whether he is absolutely capable, suitable or even called called to end the global chaos of mischief and to untangle all confusion? 

Whoever does this and takes a closer look will immediately recognize that the Pope is not only incapable of doing this, but that he is deeply responsible for all the global calamity and has not the slightest thought of changing anything about it. The Pope and his allegiances are only interested in preserving the Church, ie its brothel and castle in the air or pleasure palace!

So I ask all you 

So what is the Pope's blessing really worth? 

I want to clarify here 

Listen and look all you closely! 

As bearers of hope, the Pope calls on the faithful to lay all the ballast of their hope on his shoulders and thus to hand over all responsibility for their immaturity, bondage, submissiveness and fallibility to him. With his "Urbi et Orbi" blessing, however, he throws the ballast back onto the shoulders of those hoping. YES, as a ballast-bearer, he blesses that horde of sinners, and with the blessing puts back the previously received ballast in their foreheads, in their throats, as well as on the left and right shoulders of those who kneel: "In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit", corresponding to the passage: "Everyone carry each other's burden", i.e. its "curse", its "lie", its "treason", its "guilt", its "gully dirt" and therefore its "stench"!

And verily, verily, verily I bear witness to you 

Not one of this drunken herd of hopefuls ever experiences a salvation. No and never, does anyone find in the hope that salvation and his inner peace, not at the deepest bottom of the sea, not falling off the highest cliff and not in the rest of their blown-away brain. No and never

This also applies to the requested confidence of Olaf Scholz and all the other fools and clowns. However, his political blessing does not rest in the trinity of the Christian churches, but in the tricolor of the traffic light coalition!

Hope and confidence are the two legs of mutual abuse, which abuse binds all involved in an immovable rigidity. This rigidity determines the continuation of all lamented mischief, solely to the perfidious advantage of that small minority, which rises at the expense of an overwhelming majority, and she fuck and on them shit!

My word is holy and valid 
I Am. And now I rest quiet bedded in the dust, here my word written stands for eternity! 

I Am
The Risen, Nameless, Unnamable, Holistic and Indiscriminate 
Anti-Semite, Anti-Christ and Anti-capitalist, so Anti-fascist
Gerhard olinczuk treustedt 
Gallin, April 14, 2023