Brief 893 ist Brief 892 in Englisch

The Eternal speaks

The one who knows bears witness without convincing
The ignorant convinces without knowing

Truly, truly, truly

The knower begets without need of his own or to abuse others. The ignorant persuades for using and abusing. The knower and witness stands alone. The ignorant and persuasive sits on the shoulder of all the abused.

Daher und Also

He who does not follow him who stands aloneand goes ahead, rather but follows that, who sits on his shoulder, he was already dead before he was born. And never will life find him. Because whoever sits on someone else's shoulder, he will never climb down, because he has to shit, because the bearer is called his toilet!

So I testify all you

Anyone who closes himself off from true knowledge and then devotes himself to belief or conviction, he is and will allways be a stinking shithouse, as are the churches!

And so

The traffic light coalition is sittingon the people's shoulders and uses them as a toilet! YES, Scholz, Pistorius, Baerbock, Habeck, Lindner and all the other psychopaths, fascists and perverts, they shit all the time and on all you, so how they are self fucked up bevor, and they certainly won't stop, until the people them off their shoulders throw!

And so I testify all you

The answer is without question! That's why she never asks a question that she doesn't know how to answer! This sounds contradictory, but it isn't.

All of You have to decide you, YES, you have to decide

So I take myself back from everything, leave all you alone and surrender to the lap of silence! I don't need all of you and I don't need your YES either!

And I testify all of you once more

These deeply perverts secure there hell ghetto, that they have built on earth! YES, they secure it with all the fervor of their perversity for maintain their exalted positions. This is how they can play God. YES, they play god and shit everything. YES, they fuck all of you, they fuck and shit of you and of the whole.

YES, it is the same money mafia that is responsible for and pays for the Ukraine war in order to take possession of the country. It is less that Trojan horse than that carnival-style golden bull of the crowned Jewish idol God-Mammon, who wants to colonize the Ukraine with horned tanks. They even steal from the Russian oligarchs to finance their global terror. Earth's greatest political godfather terrorist Biden Noah and his equally deeply murderous psychopath
junior Selenskyj-Sem lead the apocalypse. Scholz and Macron are fighting over Jafet's post, like Cain and Abel once did as hunter-gatherers for the favor of the Jewish idol!

Hence and so

And if all you don't collect your selves and stand up to put a final end to all whose satanic and hopeless perversions, so it would be better for you if you would have been never born! The GRAL-alliance is the cradle of of truth!

So I testify

Long live the EARTH

without fascism.

And if only one I recognizes me in the boundless sky or on the timeless earth, reflects this I the stench of all others just as the light exposes every shadow. I stand alone, and survive all of the common lies, neither needing nor abusing all ofyou. I need neither all of the sayings nor all that justifications and explanations which I do not share whit you ignorant ones. Yes, I now detach myself from all of you and everything, and leave you alone, as I am alone and stand alone. I don't have to decide for all of you, because thatist, what you have to do it. All of You have to make up your mind, 'cause I know I'm going ahead. I have chosen life, for the eternal!

So and verily, verily, verily

My word is in the world and is called Written in the dust. No one can pick it up and I take nothing back! Everything catches up with you, inevitably and inevitably. All politics have failed. Without exception. If you go with me and turn back, you will experience eternal salvation. Everything else is your problem, your responsibility, your destiny!

I testify in the utmost sincerity and in being-conscious responsibility

I am all retreat's path, target and target-way

I am the enlightenment beyond and before all reason, and reach further than all horizons. I contain, define and testify to the universal emptiness before all words and names, and thus reveal the one, only and whole spirit of spaceless and timeless being, the sacred womb of all life.

And I rest in the dust whose smallest grain I have passed through to reach the Eternal bosom, to arrive there, to rise with Him and to follow His call. So I am ONE in father and mother, and in eternity! So I am out of the world that she is not in me. And I fear neither you nor share your fears with you!

And so I tell you

Only the truth unites. And where the truth unites, there is no submit, no bearing, no enduring, no plugging in, no accepting, no tolerance, no swallowing, no suffering and no getting over it. YES, here everyone is carried, loved, acknowledged and hugged in ONE.

Verily, verily, verily I reveal and testify to the global collective of all peoples and nations

Everything is wrong that does not serve salvation. Man is not the standard. Being divests itself of all self, grazes in the light, needs neither appearance nor possession and outlasts all madness sound and smoke. A personality is only someone who doesn't have one. Big and mighty is only what doesn't tangibly encompass everything! Wisdom is greater than patience. Satisfaction goes further than zeitgeist, dogmatism and unteachability. Life's womb contains joy and bliss, truly timeless in the face of birth, becoming and death. Horizon is always the horizon of the smaller.

Neither names nor titles means more content and weight, because the backbone of a sincere upright attitude. Dogmas, norms and rules require the cadaver obedience of the minors and the disoriented. The mature one, however, stands rocky on the earth, walks steadfastly and safely in the spirit of the Eternal, and never deviates from the light path! That greatest thing is nameless, und dwells in the smallest thing, that only those who step through the speck of dust reach the boundless sky.

Providence is greater and reaches farther than any religion. Religion is footwear, never the path. With the wrong equipment you will never find the entrance to the path. Lies, coins, weapons, violence, ignorance and faith are for every religion, Yes, for every spirituality, a certainly insurmountable barrier on the sacred footpath of the Eternal. The truth never fires its invincible powder, but knows how to blast and tear down every bulwark with its clear and triumphant wisdom.

My word is valid in the boundless sky of the only and sacred universe, in whose bosom the timeless earth is embedded.

And I don't lie. I never lie! And I certainly open up to anyone who knocks on my door. Anyone and everyone!

And don't persuade yourself and don't let anyone persuade you that this is one hate speech. There is no hate in me, not a trace of hate and its excesses. Not even the breeding ground of hate is found with me.

Look and hear

Everything belongs to everyone. And because it is so, because it is eternally and unchangeably so, that everything belongs to everyone, therefore nobody can sell anything and nobody can buy anything. So, everything belongs to EVERYONE.

And it is here Written for eternity

And is it revealed and testified to the German people, as well as to the global collective of all peoples and nations, as Holy Providence, as a message of enlightenment, truth, liberation and Unhurt. Only the return to being and life, Yes the turning to the essence of timeless nature, only this inner path is enough to go through and survive. And is there no alternative of healing transformation. Neither in heaven nor on earth.

And I here proclaim the charter of all global resistance against the hopeless arbitrariness of all political-religious elite.

Life and Love are enough
Leben und Liebe genügen

And I greet all friends and Girlfriends of enlightenment, light, truth, life, salvation and joy. YES, I am a lover, a knower, a seer and an embracing one.

And I testify all of you

I AM. And now I rest quiet bedded in the dust, here my word written stands for eternity.

And my word stands

I Am
The Risen, Nameless, Unnamable, Holistic and Indiscriminate
Anti-Semite, Anti-Christ and Anti-capitalist, so Anti-fascist
Gerhard olinczuk treustedt
Gallin, February 20, 2023