Brief 881 ist Brief 880 in Englisch

Von: Gerhard Olinczuk / bündnis GRAL -
Gesendet: 23.01.2023

The Eternal speaks

To Olaf Scholz

Say NO to any further arms shipments to Ukraine! Say NO and stick with it!

Say NO so that the YES finds you. I live in this YES, and you will be the winner!


Say NO and stick with it, even if the traffic light coalition breaks up!

Say NO and don't be afraid, because then I'll be with you!

You can come to me at any time and I will answer all your questions!


Truly, truly I tell to you

Vladimir Putin is not the enemy!


And my word stands

I am
The Risen, Nameless, Unnamable, Holistic and Indiscriminate
Anti-Semite, Anti-Christ and Anti-capitalist, so Anti-fascist
Gerhard olinczuk treustedt
Gallin, 23. January 2023