Brief 921 ist Brief 920 in Englisch

The Eternal speaks 

All intelligence is always stupid enough to overestimate itself 

to Selenskyj-Siegfried

So Volodymyr, you bathe in the blood of the Ukrainian people and think you are invulnerable! But you are very wrong. Because between your shoulders one mark defies: The curse of guilt

Truly, truly, truly I tell you 

From this hour on, you should not turn your back on anyone! 

So Volodymyr 

The West fucks you and you fuck the people of the Urkraine. 

G7 believes she is universal rulership; means, however: human vermin! 


A decline's steps begin small, barely noticeable. But then it comes overpowering! Wisdom lives beyond intellect, intelligence and reason and is never accessible to them! 

Politics is the ideology of capital
Capital is the ideology of hegemony 
Hegemony is the ideology of vermin

Tell it him. Tell it him. And tell it Joe Biden and his parasite bastards! 

Gerhard olinczuk treustedt 
Lover, Knower, Seer and Comprehensive 

Here I am commenting on the "Saying of the Day" from Monday, May 22nd, 2023, on ARD text, table 401: 

"In the end everything will be fine. If It's Not Good, It's Not The End" by Oscar Wilde, and I testify to all you

This saying is more than stupid, no matter from which point of view I illuminate it. 

So first: 

Only the eternal and the accomplished IS good, good for everyone. This without beginning and without end. This quote is already resolved by this certainty, because what is already good cannot become good, just as what is not good cannot become good either. But what man wants to determine what is good if he does not know about accomplished? Are two million in the account good, or does it have to be more? Where does the lack end, and when is enough, and therefore good? If the coin crashes, tomorrow is no longer good what “had become” good today without ever having been good. Is this ending good? If yes, for whom? What good begins now? Repetition? Keep it up? Rampage? If a war begins, the peace before was worth nothing! So is war a good thing? If war is good, why end it? In the end, war is good and peace is not?! Do you also know how Oscar Wilde ended up, after he was became

Also the daily slogan of the ARD from May 19th, 2023 on video text: Table 401: 

We know what we are, but not what we can become”, by William Shakespeare is worded absolutely wrong, even though I know what he was trying to say! 

Correct is 

We have become, but we don't know who or what we really are! We seem and believe to be what others have made of us or what we have allowed ourselves to be forced upon. And now we leave it at that, bend down and crawl on instead of getting up and putting an end to the spook. We truly let vermin rule over us, walk on whoseleash and let those decide! YES, we think, speak and do what they ask of us, and think then, we're intelligent and independent, and yet we're just trained fools! 

The caricaturs can be found in the original text of the letter
The caricature of the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung from May 10th, 2023 says a lot more about the artist than he is aware of. A great deal about his inner ugliness and darkness, of which he knows nothing and probably doesn't want to know either. He's reviling Vladimir Putin here, and not smelling his own stench. Yes, Putin stands alone and pumps is self und builds up is! But what do you think, how many are pumping up Volodymyr Zelenskyy? One, seven, twenty, hundreds? Well, how many pumpers would the cartoonist have to fit into his caricature here? What would Zelenskyj be more than just a piece of plastic, without all those flatulent people who build him up with hot air, above all Joe Biden, that biblical Noah, who certainly knows why the USA does not recognize the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Already Noah preferred to condemn and judge others, even his son and whose descendants! 

You can find the reason for this in the caricature of the MZ from May 22nd, 2023. Here the vermin writes its ideology in the sky. YES, the vermin want to install coin hegemony to achieve and secure global control for a small minority. Only then is everything good for this vermin. 

By the way, it is said that 85% of Russians stand and walk with Vladimir Putin! What Western politician could say that about himself? Which of these fuzzies can even stand alone? 

I'll tell you something 

All those supporting Volodymyr Zelenskyy, are the crutches of a cripple. They support him because in this way they don't have to see that they are all just ideological cripples themselves! They inflate Selenskyj to feel safe in his shadow. They sanctify him so they not to appear as vermin. They praise him because they have all sold themselves, indeed given themselves up to the coin! 

Woe to you 

When the cherry blossom opens quietly; 
Then I recognize about the sweet red in the white. 
Yet if intelligence opens me its ways; 
Then Only ugly brown shit shows up 

in, with and through 
Gerhard olinczuk treustedt 

Verily, verily I bear witness to allyou 

There are bugs and there are vermin. In the timeless creation there are numerous beetles, i.e. in that kingdom of the named animals. Vermin, however, can only be found in the contemporary human Selfworld, i.e. in the intelligence and loyalty of the Pharisees and scribes, whose allways obedient and succumbed to religion, politics, ideology, capital and the economy. YES, vermin is the name of that mafia syndicate of the exalted and crowned; that alliance of the mutated and degenerate, the vampires and zombies, the perverted and the deviant, the parasites, the freeloaders and exploiters; so the economy of the sycophants and the foam beater, the impostors and the quacks, the jugglers and the charlatans, the show-offs and the busybodies, the barkers and the cardsharps, the gossips and the good-fornothing. YES, vermin means that intelligence of stupidity, which always defined in and with the logic of ignorance, and is orientates solely on all the hopeless information of immaturity. All intelligence is artificial, not natural; she is dirty, not clean; dark, not light; bad, not good; existential, not alive. Intelligence is always the question, not the answer. Intelligence is always stupid, never wise; is always mortal, never timeless! 

YES, many dogs are called intelligent because they are well trained and obedient!

Truly, truly, truly 

Corrupt is easy because without thinking. Anyone who always and smoothly does what others expect of him, stands out above all because he doesn't exist at all. If you walk in someone else's footwear, you are also using his crutches. Anyone who accepts answers in a bent manner avoids every question. He who begs has nothing to give. He who elevates others humiliates himself. Whoever sanctifies others is condemned. Who sacrifices his life only causes suffering! Who knows what he says, always and only follows his word. Anyone who knows how to withdraw is said to be unassailable and invincible. 

So hear me out, you G7-Vermin with all of your kind, who want to own the earth. 

I'm telling all you 

Not even the contents of your intestines belong to you! 


The completion never fails 

I'm telling to all you 

You all are not the answer and you never will be! Not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow. You are truly and jointly responsible for the global calamity, and conjure up the most devastating Armageddon imaginable! 

And I'll tell all you again 

You all are not the answer and you never will be! Not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow. You are truly and jointly responsible for the global calamity, and conjure up the most devastating Armageddon imaginable! 

So I testify to the global collective of all peoples and nations 

I am the answer to all of humanity's essential questions 


I am the answer 

Truly, truly, truly 

Long live the earth 

she belongs only to the boundless sky 


I am. And my word is holy and valid

I Am
The Risen, Nameless, Unnamable, Holistic and Indiscriminate 
Anti-Semite, Anti-Christ and Anti-capitalist, so Anti-fascist
Gerhard olinczuk treustedt 
Gallin, May 22, 2023