Brief 857 ist Brief 856 in Englisch

Von: Gerhard Olinczuk / bündnis GRAL -
Gesendet: 18.12.2022

The Eternal speaks

Verily, verily, verily I bear witness to you

Anyone willing to kill for their self-image, or accept and honor the deaths of others, should go and kill themselves first. In no other way could he/she truly testify and declare his/her own worth more clearly and credibly. So, woe to you castrati and syphilis monsters!

Say this to all the Baerbocks and the Strack-Zimmermanns, all the Hofreiters and all the other spirit corpses

I testify to the global collective of all peoples and nations

The compass Is and stands Alone and Everywhere for Everyone

Verily, verily, verily

The compass stands alone and is eternal enough by itself. He doesn't need success, approval, or recognition. He is without property, without bills and credit, without loss and without noise. All he has is his name. However, the name does not own or bind him, nor does it define and determine him. He is without words. He is always alone, as All-one, and this always and everywhere. He testifies to an external force which his inner being follows. Accordingly, a compass is only for Giving without Taking; for he gives what was previously given to him. And because this is enough for him, he accepts nothing else than from the I that moves him. He doesn't need anything supposedly useful or unusable, so he doesn't abuse anything and consequently doesn't consume anything! And whether the compass is made of tin, or set in gold and silver and studded with precious stones, its innermost being will certainly never be blinded or perverted by this, but its meaning will always remain untouchably embedded in eternal sobriety and frugality. And whether in a fine jewel case or a shrine, whether in a trouser pocket or in a dirty hand, whether in the highs or in the lows, nothing can and will twist, distort or falsify the compass, nothing teach it to deny, nothing can corrupt or compel him, or even move him to betrayal. YES, his emptiness determines his ability, all his giving is preserved here without loss. And even if the compass only points in one direction, everyone can still orient themselves accordingly. This is the true secret of his "ALL-ONE-BEING", that everyone is helped who believes and trusts, turns to him and devotes himself. He knows how to show everyone the way.

Who believes the compass, trusts it and turns to it in order to then follow it consistently and unconditionally, he/she is not doing it for the compass, but solely for the sake of his own problems. YES, the compass needs neither the faith nor the trust or the devotion of the Lost, the disoriented, the searching and the weak, but it simply, only and constantly follows the meaning of that larger BEING, which always encompasses and flows through it, which he unconditionally, unrestrictedly, resultand devotedly serves.

The compass will never and never persuade itself or others that it serves those who turn to it and take it in their hands, devote themselves to it, i.e. to itorient themselves and align themselves with it, in order to then find and save themselves. He will never claim that the trust of the curious and attentive is his merit, never will he proclaim that all that unfamiliar attention, the sudden sympathy and all that impulsive interest, Yes, that all the reflection, is due to his carefree presence. He will never match up or distract himself, never push himself aside or even allow himself to be confused. Nobody will be able to buy him, corrupt him, bribe him, smear him or even destroy him, nobody will be able to discuss with him, argue with him or even fight against him. He belongs to no nation, no religion, no ideology and no system. He needs neither a manager nor an investor, neither a mentor nor a guide, neither a teacher nor a trainer, neither a master nor a servant, neither a lawyer, a defense attorney nor a judge.

Anyone who believes in the compass has found the faith within himself for which he alone is responsible. Anyone who trusts him trusts the reason for his trust, for which he alone is responsible. And who surrenders to the compass, he surrenders solely to his inner instinct, which was already waiting in him, even before that compass looked at and touched him. And whoever follows the compass follows only his belief, only his trust and only his instinct, for which he is solely responsible. And whatever lies hidden in that faith, trust, and instinct, it will surely be found and revealed, only in the light of him whom the compass serves. And all gratitude belongs only to those who believed, trusted, and instinctively surrendered. Yes, they don't even owe their gratitude to the compass! And the compass does not get angry at any rejection! He never suffers with all those who suffer, who deny him and turn away from him. No, he does not suffer with them, because then he would be one of them, that he would fatten and increase the common suffering. Because he does not suffer, he is neither hindered nor handicapped in his work. This is the only way he can fulfill the meaning of his task unconcerned, constantly during and without exception. Wonderful!

The sovereign is called enlightener and witness

Sovereign and compass serve a common womb. However, the Sovereign can see, hear, speak and do! He sees the misery of all those who are lost, disoriented, searching and weak, hears their lamentations and pangs of pain, speaks to them as an enlightener and does what the wisdom of the Lap whispered to him to do. He points to that one path of inner salvation that he has already walked before, in order to reach and arrive in the all-common womb. He calls as a witness of the All-One, and only calls for the sake of bestowal. His path embraces and unites all the paths of those who heed his call, then rise up and turning back in the light of his sight, his hearing, his word and deed. And even the thanks of all those who follow him with their burden, YES, their thanks do not belong to the caller, but solely to all those who let themselves be found by him. Yes, what connects them all is Gratitude, Joy and Bliss.

Where there is no need, there is no dependency, no abuse and no loss

And where there is no dependence, no abuse, and no loss, here gratitude, joy, and bliss graze!

This means comprehensive salvation, means global peace and means All-one community

I'm telling you

The fountain does not need and seek the thirsty,
but the thirsty needs and seeks the fountain

And the fountain gives everyone enough, whoever finds it, to quench their thirst!

YES, the sovereign gives without taking. And whoever takes from him what is given to him, he unravels and lets goof his burden. But the sovereign never needs your recognition and approval, because these already live and graze in him! And although he knows about all your need, your suffering, all your pain, guilt and fear, he does not share this with you, but knows how to touch and treat it in such a way that he initiates, accompanies and achieves a healing transformation. For if he dwelt with you in suffering, then all the causes also dwelt in him! How would he and could he then lead all youto healing when he is not even able to heal himself?

So I ask you

Who can, who may lead! And I want to answer this question here clearly, correctly and unequivocally!

I'm telling you

Only those who have the broadest overview of the "path to salvation" may lead, i.e. on the path that is to be taken! And who is it that who have the furthest overview on the way of salvation“? Well, the one and only one who who have the furthest overview on the "way of salvation", this is the one who has already reached the goal! Any why is this the case? Well, this is because he who is in the goal, because he has already walked the path! And because he has already walked the path to the finish, he knows about all wrong turns and detours, all obstacles and dead ends, about all breaks and crossroads, all detours and traps, all abysses and cliffs, all the wild rivers and waters! He must have overcome, endured, lived through and survived all this! How else he could be in finish?

Truly I testify once more to the global collective of all peoples and nations

All the leaders of the Old and New Testaments have failed

The worst perpetrators, indeed the truly most disastrous culprits, are those who see and present themselves as victims. Yes, Semitism is the grotto of the victim-perpetrator, the brothel of the castrated, i.e. all those who have lost their way with gonorrhea and syphilis, whose murderous non-spirit is not only reflected in the devastating climate change, but in all the misery on earth. They talk about freedom, democracy and the rule of law, and mean the supposed right of that system, which represents the most perverse that human history has ever created. This plundering system of aworthless coin is ravaging the earth into a toxic ghetto of Self-destruction and cremation, this rabies being spearheaded by the insatiability of a fucking minority. Jesus of Nazareth was not a sacrifice!

Do you hear me, Sarah Wagenknecht? I know that you are not the answer and that you hopelessly overestimate yourself. Vanity is man's worst and most disastrous bondage. Whoever rises at the expense of OTHERS never stands firmer than his bearers. You are stuck in a dead end that I know how to help you out of. And if you turn to me sincerely, it will relieve you that you can grow inside and find salvation.

Verily, verily I bear witness to you

Science knows nothing. She doesn't even know that she doesn't know anything. Therefore, she also does not know that it cannot create any knowledge at all, because all knowledge already existed before anyone knew about that science.

Every father has a father and every mother has a mother. But who then went before them and who follows them?

I am
The Risen, Nameless, Unnamable, Holistic and Indiscriminate
Anti-Semite, Anti-Christ and Anti-capitalist, so Anti-fascist
Gerhard olinczuk treustedt
Gallin, 18. December 2022