Brief 851 ist Brief 850 in Englisch

Von: Gerhard Olinczuk / bündnis GRAL -
Gesendet: 12.12.2022

The Eternal speaks

To Sarah Wagenknecht

So, Sarah, I call and invite you to my table to join forces with me to gather all the resisters in Germany, and thus open up the necessary and only healing upheaval, and then lead them to success in a targeted manner.

So you don't need to found a new party because everything is already prepared. So you can do without this tour de force!

If you follow my call, not only will the rest of the Left Party follow, but many smaller parties and associations will also join us, and all fragments of the true resistance against the intellectual syphilis of the political religious elite will turn to us, as well the larger proportion of non-voters. And not only the Alliance Greens would then be history!

All politics and all religion have failed comprehensively and globally.

The NO of a democratically elected majority, as the smallest and yet the most important step, will undoubtedly bring about the necessary standstill and bring about the overthrow of the prevailing madness! As a result, this NO is not only the holiest and most invulnerable foundation of everything that is to come, but the truly unique, unassailable certainty of salvation.

So, Sarah

The people have never been asked if they even want this insane and self-destructive system. Let's do this together now!

Gerhard Olinczuk
Federal Chairman Alliance Gral
Zahna-Elster 12.12.2022