Brief 849 ist Brief 848 in Englisch

Von: Gerhard Olinczuk / bündnis GRAL -
Gesendet: 07.12.2022

BündnisGral – Holistic Right to Life

To the
Inquisition Media-Institution Sachsen-Anhalt
Reichardtstraße 9
06114 Halle (Saale)

Bezug: Contradiction
To letter of 11/21/2022 / Received on 11/22/2022
Sign: PV.2022-0024 OWiG
Inquisitor Martin Heine

So Martin

The Inquisition is not new. She hates and has been rushing through human history ever since right up to the present time!

I disagree and reject not only your malicious inquisition, but testify to you and the global collective of all peoples and nations, that that hatred and its agitation, which you think that I embody them, that this evil spirit only of your inner confusion nests, broods and rages, and you the cunning, malice, and hysteria of this confusion, negligently and deliberately onto me projectin order to disguise and cover your overconfidence!

This evil spirit that had you write this letter (PV.2022-0024 OWiG) is certainly and without a doubt owed to that madness of a drunk minority, which has since erroneously proclaimed that it was raised and chosen to take possession of the earth and to disenfranchise and subjugate all life. It is about that evil spirit that formed an earthwide system-, labor- and concentration camp, adapted to its requirements, legally-functional and deeply hostile to life, thus a dictated and enforced hell ghetto that it controls and maliciously pushes forward. It is that mental rabies that is responsible for all the misery and horror globally, as well as the devastating climate change and the world war raging in Ukraine. That war of coin, of bossiness and the unteachability. You charge yourself with a rabid curse of hubris and paranoia.

Therefore, I reveal and testify not only to you, but to the global collective of all peoples and nations

There is no hate in the Enlightenment. Never and never! Enlightenment is like the sun, which dissolves the fog so that what was previously hidden in it is visible. If the fog were in the sun, everything would be in the fog - including the sun. I know that you do not understand this, and therefore do not know what projection really is, what it intends and what mischief it causes. In fact, you unconsciously rush against the sun, so you rage in that evil spirit that you think is in me. You do this because you fear enlightenment. You deeply fear unmasking and uncovering of your inner inferiority, this inferiority carries your superficiality, in this superficiality nest, fatten, brood and rage your immaturity, incompetence, arrogance, hypocrisy, self-importance, cheating, conceit, ignorance, pimping, hollowness, wickedness, excessiveness, mendacity, blasphemy, as well as your impotent and hopeless arbitrariness.

Your media institution is/appears indeed, truly and undeniably, as a closed institution of syphilis, like all deluded Inquisition at all times. YES, your media institution is only the back door to that brothel of all the hypocritical haters and agitators, these always try to get rid of their clinging, in-house and sky-high billowing stench of death, putrefaction and decomposition at my expense, i.e. to project it into the hated Enlightenment, in order to be able to continue unmolested their satanic contempt for the people of defamation, desecration, ostracism, disenfranchisement, bondage, submission and plundering.

In and with my messages, I knowingly, fearlessly and purposefully point out the plague that you embody. This is necessary, right and important in order to allow the malicious repression to self-reflect and as a result to open up healing. So I hold up a revealing mirror to your brothel so that it can look at its ugly face in order to consistently discard its supposed halo and then meet the inner whore. I thus reveal and testify to the global collective of all peoples and nations the deeply ugly stench of your media institution, all the raging hatred of your hopeless inquisition, as well those rabid stigmatization, all your arrogance and insane agitation, all the empty propaganda and its polarization, all your devilish lies and excuses, Martin, and, YES, all your helplessness, your impotence, your disorientation, your incompetence, your idiocy, your megalomania, your banal malice and all your hopeless holding on to it.

Only the lie hates enlightenment, only the liar fears it

For you, Martin, as well as for your kind:

Only when you take it out
will you know
what you had in Eye

So, Martin

I am an enlightener and make visible what you and your kind do not want to admit. Yes, I only make your hate visible, Martin, not mine. There is no hate in me. If you had read my texts conscientiously, this line of my testimony would not have escaped you, but would have been a standard for you, YES, more than a helping hand in your maliciously sinister maze. In your delusions of grandeur you actually believe that you know more about me than the All-One in and with me testifies to! You explain to me and the whole universe that I stir up hate, although I testified that even its breeding ground is not in me. This snooty flatulence on your part, it is not only devilish in the highest degree, but this projection truly unmasks and disqualifies you instantly and utterly. All the consequences of this excessive tirade, yes, every further rampant outpouring of this media-projecting cleansing action by the ignorant inquisition of an elitist minority judiciary, she not only against me, but it fuels the hatred of the self-righteous against everyone who the hopelessly furious zeitgeist contradict. Not just in Germany, but globally!

I neither sow nor stir up hatred. I don't know of anyone other than you who publicly blames me for his hatred. I know that I am not responsible for all the media hate against Russia, against Iran, against China and others! I know myself responsible for no hatred. Because of my enlightenment, hatred can be revealed, yes, of course, but this hatred was there beforehand, and not because of my work. When a surgeon reveals a cancerous growth, that does not mean that he is responsible for the growth Wouldn't it be an intolerable absurdity to explain to the doctor that the ulcer was not present until he, as a patient, found out about it? Doesn't that mean that only with the intervention, i.e. with the visualization of the tumor, i.e. with its "coming to light", that "ugly cancer" only became reality? Wouldn't it be "mental syphilis" if the patient agitated against the doctor and also assumed him of hatred? Shouldn't the carrier of the tumor be truly and deeply grateful that his ulcer was uncovered by that surgeon and can now be treated so that the patient can eventually be cured? So why are you rushing against me, Martin? Why do you blame me for your hate? Are you really afraid of meeting your inner castration?

Doesn't hatred also have to be unmasked, Martin, so that its cause can be explored in order to then achieve clarity? I know that you and your kind hate me and incite against me. In order to recognize this, however, I do not need a youth protection officer. My work in the light makes visible what man hides in his inner darkness, where he is bobbing about lost, thus revealing what all the liars and self-deceivers are afraid to show. I mirror his house stench for him, hold that bestial mustiness under his nose, that haze of his flatulence so that all his hypocrisy,not even that “director”, this could perfume away.

Everything I reveal and testify to the global collective of all peoples and nations is unimpeachably correct. That's why I agitate against nothing and nobody. I don't even agitate against even a single person. I proclaim salvation! And only evil fears salvation! Do you want to understand?

In fact, you are like a small squishy puddle that drivs on an ocean and projects its own stench into the water of the ocean and deposits it here. YES, you're projecting your homemade hate-waste in to a size you can't even imagine. You are playing God and are truly just a cheap pimp of a satanic system. In your own way you testify to a character that is so perverted that there are no words for it! You are indeed a clown, a fool, a bogeyman, a troll, a good-fornothing and a braggart; YES, an idiot in a thimble.

You even think you can punish me. Do you really think that I'll hand you €5,000.00 and more so that you can cover your stinking inquisition brothel as a result, this solely to pay homage to, protect and preserve your cesspool of lies and deceit, and your delirium holy to speak?

That reference to the district court, that small finger pointer not only testifies to your limitations and your failure, but is the binding, sealed and official admission of your disorientation, your helplessness, your overconfidence and your presumption, i.e. the end result your self-portrayal speculation and and of its arrogant condescension in egocentricity and sensationalism. Your threat of imprisonment against me is the peak of functional castration and its abysmal sodomy, the coercion of which not only establishes, justifies and determines your deep fall, but hereby announces it.

That the media lies and cheats, YES, that they deeply hate and agitate, this untouchable certainty has not only been evident since the conflict in Ukraine. Above all, it is important to protect young people from these media, i.e. to enlighten them to the extent that they only grantto their true inner values and privilege sovereignty, and not sacrifice them to the terror system. The Germans were never asked if they wanted this system at all. It was simply served, poured and dictated to them. It is therefore necessary to ask people whether they want something else instead of this system; whether instead of this ghetto and concentration camp they want to found an all-one community, an earthly community of salvation, freedom, non-violence, friendship, dignity, peace, justice, joy and holy happiness: all of this without religious conspiracy, without nationalism and without coin-fascism!

If you describe this as hate baiting, then the global collective of all peoples and nations, i.e. every person on earth, should and will experience this! Because I will also make this text public. This in German and in English!

So, in the best of friendship, I advise you to abandon your intentions as an inquisitor and not to go any further in this direction! Because everything catches up with you. I am not your enemy, NO, he rages in you!

I am not responsible for all the chaos on Earth, and I am not present to treat symptoms of which you and your kind embody the cause. You are the rabid danger for young people, because you obsess over that evil spirit that carries your lies and deceit, and you are obsessed with it, continue to worship and propagate it, and give everything to keep your sick system of mortal self-congratulation. You call yourself a director, so you adorn yourself with a title that tells you you're a sovereign, and then accuse me. However, I do know that you are the director of a septic tank full of manhole dirt and gutter shit. And there are MANY like you, who decorate themselves with titles, professions, diplomas, honors and decorations, and afterwards appear decorated like a Christmas tree, and believe themselves chosen and exalted. But in reality you are filled with the fear of loss, of exposure, of embarrassment and of falling.

I am more than body and know no such fear. Therefore I am untouchable! So, whatever you do to me, in the end it only hits you!

Zahna-Elster, 05.12.2022
Gerhard Olinczuk

I am
The Risen, Nameless, Unnamable, Holistic and Indiscriminate
Anti-Semite, Anti-Christ and Anti-capitalist, so Anti-fascist
Gerhard olinczuk treustedt
Gallin, 05. December 2022