Brief 843 ist Brief 842 in Englisch

Von: Gerhard Olinczuk / bündnis GRAL -
Gesendet: 13.11.2022

The Eternal speaks

On Friday, October 21, 2022, at 7:51 p.m. I wrote to Thomas Fischer on Spiegel-Online:

Relation: The War and the Dream World of the Absolute! Putting things into perspective is quickly seen as a betrayal of a good cause, especially in times of war. But can the question of good and evil really be answered so unequivocally?

So Thomas

Yours formulation "dream world of the absolute" is not only contradictory in itself, but completely absurd! The fact that you don't recognize this not only testifies to that hopeless, foul and stinking self-overestimation of your ignorance and immaturity, much more reveals your fart of yours to every reader that the fart of a donkey defines more content than your flatulence! This is because the donkey judges its fart only as a fart. This means that he does not convince himself or others that his fart contains more, i.e. is more valuable and more credible than the fart of another donkey. Therefore donkeys do not quarrel, and certainly do not make war.

And the fact that you don't know how to answer the question of good and evil clearly doesn't mean that this question cannot be answered! The magazine "DER SPIEGEL" really knows how to self-deceitfully avoid any uncomfortable mirror, as long as this mirror shows him his limited horizons. In this way he calls himself good, and consequently what is foreign is called evil. This is that whore-saint principle, here "DER SPIEGEL" always puts his flatulence in the holy. This is so cheap that there are no words for it. The stench, however, reaches into the boundless sky and will catch up with those responsible in a way whose horror cannot be imagined. For those who know, "DER SPIEGEL" is not a mirror, but an open cesspool of lies and deceit, hatred and hate speech.

So realize that it is the realists who dream. They dream that reality is true reality and that arbitrariness equals power. They dream and fart and convince themselves that relativization is strength and the way out! They want to solve problems of which they are the cause. They wage war in order to win, in order to prove themselves right about this and thus to appear as good. War is therefore always good because it produces a supposed winner, a supposed and relatively GOOD person. This is more than stupid, more than perverted, more than rabid!

Keep dreaming Thomas, keep dreaming!! Dream and fart on for your cause without thinking about whether it's good or bad, or even absolute!

Gerhard olinczuk treustedt


Truly I reveal and testify to the global collective of all peoples and nations, i.e. every human being

Only when you take it out
will you know
what you had in Eye

PROJECTION always nests, breeds and rages in the eye of lies

Street dirt-Judaism-Gutter shit

Mastering the lie,
sometimes seems difficult.
Even if she was recognized
she rages on hostile.

And only if the host
in whose eye she fights;
ended his internal war
she is called defeated.


What you hoard of possessions,
you steal from being.
What you are not
never replaces the shine.

In the beginning lives the end!
Do you want to understand?
If not, never mind;
You won't pass!

The earth dwells in the boundless sky
The boundless sky grazes on earth
In the boundless sky there is no hell ghetto

And so

If you go with me, I will go with you
If you don't go with me, you go without me

Truly, Truly, Truly

Judaism is largely responsible for all suffering on earth. In his Bible, i.e. in the Old Testament, the fundamental monster of that hell ghetto is indeed found, that contains, sows, carries, nourishes, forces, controls, manages and captivates all evil on this planet. It created, sanctified, worshiped and danced around the Golden Bull as a coin idol of God-Mammon. Embedded in this round dance and its consequence is the hegemony of growth and multiplication, i.e. the globalized disenfranchisement, subjugation and plundering of other cultures and communities of nations. Since then and henceforth, Judaism has been responsible for earth-wide colonization, raids, enslavement, extermination, genocide and appropriation. It once opened and promoted war strategy and gun mania, militarization and rearmament, built the first atomic bomb and threw it on civilian targets. Jewry is willfully responsible for the military conflict in Ukraine, inflamed it and continues to fuel it. In this conflict, the Western Alliance is perversely testing new weapon systems. As a coin plague, that biblical Jewish people dominates and controls America and Europe. So they are not only pioneers and drivers, but also the media agitators of the Western Alliance and all the Jewish-Christian global players! Yes, this rabid Gang, as a banal whole-body cancer, is indeed not only dragging climate change behind it, but is almost conjuring a global implosion of its hegemony, and thus a nuclear finale.

Truly, Truly, Truly

Joe Biden is the biggest political terrorist on this Planet, and Olaf Scholz is his boarder. The Federal German Chancellor is indeed a satanist, a semite, a fascist, a narcissist and a political terrorist. He is the Chancellor of the Jews, whose Central Council embodies and represents the satanic center of a global conspiracy. Volodymyr Zelenskyj is the messenger of their Armageddon. The Berlin traffic light coalition is a Gang of idiots, cretins, confused psychopaths and manic lunatics, anchored in the deaf-blind narcissism of global economic fascism. Olaf Scholz is chronically lethargic, and meanwhile appears as a nasty, deeply mutated and degenerate cancer tumor. He is turned away from the spirit of life, thus a malevolent enemy to inner values; has therefore succumbed to the hopeless demon of arbitrariness and, as a corrupt, ruthless and sinister Ultra, of the insane Jewish-Semitic hegemony: “Grow and multiply and subdue the earth” docilely devoted!

And further I testify all you

Whether I'm in the body or not, whether I stay or go and come back, whether you hear me or not, see me or not, whether you understand and recognize me, or none of the above, whether you affirm me or deny, whether you doubt, don't believe or don't know, so I am nevertheless always, everlasting-continuously in that heaven visibly and audibly, which I testified to you and testify to. YES, in that one, only, sacred, timeless and spaceless heaven of wholeness and indiscrimination. So I dwell and walk, enduring and founded on all paths and thus indisputably, beyond doubt and highly officially in the intact lap of the Nameless, Unnameable und Eternal! But in the global Further-thus dwells neither salvation nor peace, neither joy nor happiness! However, in global going on surely rages the most devastating fate, YES, the Armageddon of your God Mammon, that Semitic nuclear finale.

Do you hear me, Jew-pack? Truly the Jews should know that I do not fear them. Because with your agitation against me, you have betrayed yourself and irrefutably testified to the global collective of all peoples and nations the inviolable correctness of my words. Since its inception, Judaism has waged war against everything non-Jewish, thus against the universe and its all-one spirit, against the sacred creation, against everything that breathes, looks, hears and moves, against all cultural spirits and all of their nationalities since then. YES, since its beginnings, the Jew has been waging war against everything that is not Jewish, and yet, in the same non-spirit, awards that Nobel Peace Prize every year. I cannot name a more perverse contradiction, a more abysmal audacity, or a clearer testimony of Satanism. The biblical Jew is like that cancer cell that willowns every organ. She eats what she can get until there is nothing left. Und if she does not bow before the Eternal in humility the earth will burn until not a single Bible Jew is left. This is also a testimony for the Christians! Together you are the worst perpetrators, and not just victims!

To believe, to hope, or even to persuade oneself that Rishi Sunak could lead England out of the crisis or open up a healing path, I call this mistake the manifestation of the widest disorientation, immaturity and madness.

The truth bears witness
The lie convinces

I'm telling all you

The lie is called LORD, God and Satan of all convictions and their conspiracies

I reveal, witness and speak to the global collective of all peoples and nations

Every belief is rooted in lies. And MANY are perverted enough to believe, that their named God, ever and only, is but a benevolent echo of their cultivated, bonded, and ignorant faith, and therefore stupid enough to serve their vain selfdeception; and thus to always be blindly obedient to them. Everyone who is convinced is nevertheless a victim as well as a perpetrator of the lie, and is therefore responsible for all its consequences, i.e. for all misfortune, as well as forits Armageddon. Yes, this idol that man imagines in a heaven beyond, he is also the incarnate devil of his innermost self-understanding and confirms the logic of his sick and insane self-image. So people believe, Yes, they hope for holistic salvation in the echo of their acquired immaturity, lethargy, willfulness, overconfidence, fanaticism, dogmatism and unteachability. So God is the name of that home-made LORD who, as an echo, always affirms, acknowledges and serves the lies of all believers! And only then!

Therefore and thus I testify to you all once more

All belief is based on the lie, is subject to it, follows and serves it alone. The lie thus makes use of the conviction by building, fixing and guarding it as a protective wall, as a screen and shield around itself. The deeper the conviction, the more conspired, rabid and sinister the guarded lie. Every belief is highly paralyzed, fearful, powerless, impotent, faint-hearted, cowardly, disoriented, and powerless, meaning worthless and hopeless.

All religion and politics has failed globally
Without exception, finally and comprehensively failed
Ideology doesn't solve a problem - ideology is the problem

And so I ask you all again

What was the first thought the cancer cell after it was mutated and degenerated as a tumor?

I want to reveal and testify to you all here once more:

In her mutated and degenerated self-appearance, she believed herself exalted, chosen, and called upon to grow, multiply, and conquer all that was foreign. And in this belief, in this conviction, YES, in this sick delusion, she became from then on the worst possible enemy of wholeness. Yes this whole-body cancer, as a supposedly chosen conqueror and as insatiable, bedded in ugliest greed , grabbed then and from then on for everything that was available to him, without learning from the harm of others and his own, or to question yourself. This Jewish cancer interpreted, determined and accused everything foreign, all contradiction, all negation, all thinking differently, everything misunderstood and all resistance as lies and injustice, always saw himself as a victim, and denied or rejected every act of perpetration and all contributory negligence. No crime is greater, no madness more malevolent, no self-deception more shameful, and no guilt more satanic. Yes, no karma goes further back than the blasphemy of Judaism, herein
the oldest and deepest racism of contemporary history nests, breeds and rages. That is why Semitism is called "cancer", which threatens the globe as a coin plague and is not only reflected in climate change. No conqueror has ever become larger or more vicious. And there is no doubt that politics will never end this crisis, but rabidly deepen and widen this biblical curse!

And I testify to all you

I am Truth and no lie dwells in me. I am Light and there is no shadow in me. I am Love and hate does not rage within me. I am Life and there is no death in me. I am BEING, no self broods in me. I am a Sovereign, and I have no need of appearances or possessions. I am the Way and there is no dead end in me. I'm Whole and I don't do things by halves. I Am, and I am without God, without fear, and without loss!

So and verily, verily, verily

My word is in the world and is called Written in the dust. No one can pick it up and I take nothing back! Everything catches up with you, inevitably and inevitably. All politics have failed. Without exception. If you go with me and turn back, you will experience eternal salvation. Everything else is your problem, your responsibility, your destiny!

I testify in the utmost sincerity and in being-conscious responsibility

I am all retreat's path, target and target-way

I reveal, witness and say to the global collective of all peoples and nations

I am the enlightenment beyond and before all reason, and reach further than all horizons. I contain, define and testify to the universal emptiness before all words and names, and thus reveal the one, only and whole spirit of spaceless and timeless being, the sacred womb of all life.

And I rest in the dust whose smallest grain I have passed through to reach the Eternal bosom, to arrive there, to rise with Him and to follow His call. So I am ONE in father and mother, and in eternity! So I am out of the world that she is not in me. And I fear neither you nor share your fears with you!

And so I tell you

Only the truth unites. And where the truth unites, there is no submit, no bearing, no enduring, no plugging in, noaccepting, no tolerance, no swallowing, no suffering and no getting over it. YES, here everyone is carried, loved,acknowledged and hugged in ONE.

Verily, verily, verily I reveal and testify to the global collective of all peoples and nations

Everything is wrong that does not serve salvation. Man is not the standard. Being divests itself of all self, grazes in the light, needs neither appearance nor possession and outlasts all madness sound and smoke. A personality is only someone who doesn't have one. Big and mighty is only what doesn't tangibly encompass everything! Wisdom is greater than patience. Satisfaction goes further than zeitgeist, dogmatism and unteachability. Life's womb contains joy and bliss, truly timeless in the face of birth, becoming and death. Horizon is always the horizon of the smaller.

Neither names nor titles means more content and weight, because the backbone of a sincere upright attitude. Dogmas, norms and rules require the cadaver obedience of the minors and the disoriented. The mature one, however, stands rocky on the earth, walks steadfastly and safely in the spirit of the Eternal, and never deviates from the light path! That greatest thing is nameless, und dwells in the smallest thing, that only those who step through the speck of dust reach the boundless sky.

Providence is greater and reaches farther than any religion. Religion is footwear, never the path. With the wrong equipment you will never find the entrance to the path. Lies, coins, weapons, violence, ignorance and faith are for every religion, Yes, for every spirituality, a certainly insurmountable barrier on the sacred footpath of the Eternal. The truth never fires its invincible powder, but knows how to blast and tear down every bulwark with its clear and triumphant wisdom.

My word is valid in the boundless sky of the only and sacred universe, in whose bosom the timeless earth is embedded.

And I don't lie. I never lie! And I certainly open up to anyone who knocks on my door. Anyone and everyone!

And don't persuade yourself and don't let anyone persuade you that this is one hate speech. There is no hate in me, not a trace of hate and its excesses. Not even the breeding ground of hate is found with me.

Look and hear

Everything belongs to everyone. And because it is so, because it is eternally and unchangeably so, that everything belongs to everyone, therefore nobody can sell anything and nobody can buy anything. So, everything belongs to EVERYONE.

And it is here Written for eternity

And is it revealed and testified to the German people, as well as to the global collective of all peoples and nations, as Holy Providence, as a message of enlightenment, truth, liberation and Unhurt. Only the return to being and life, Yes the turning to the essence of timeless nature, only this inner path is enough to go through and survive. And is there no alternative of healing transformation. Neither in heaven nor on earth.

And I here proclaim the charter of all global resistance against the hopeless arbitrariness of all political-religious elite.

Life and Love are enough
Leben und Liebe genügen

And I greet all friends of enlightenment, light, truth, life, salvation and joy. YES, I am a lover, a knower, a seer and an embracing one.

And I testify to you all

Long live the earth
Long live the earth without fascism
So gather yourself all or you all are lost
Otherwise the degenerate and guilty will destroy everything

I am
The Risen, Nameless, Unnamable, Holistic and Indiscriminate
Anti-Semite, Anti-Christ and Anti-capitalist, so Anti-fascist
Gerhard olinczuk treustedt
Gallin, 13.11.2022